BQB’s Writing Prompts #2 – Time Travel and Cat Telekinesis


In need of inspiration?

Rack your brains no longer with these fabulous writing prompts:

  • A gallon of milk in the back of your fridge becomes so rancid that it opens up a hole in the space-time continuum.  You walk through it, because let’s face it, you don’t have anything better to do and visit yourself in the past. Do you warn your past self of all the mistakes he or she will make?  Or, do you obey the supposed rules of time travel and not change anything?
  • Further, if you return to the future and learn that your advice to your past self turned your future life fabulous, but ruined the lives of everyone else in the world, would you go back in time and stop yourself from telling your past self about his/her mistakes?  Or, would you decide to screw over everyone else and enjoy your fabulous life?
  • An alien, not Alien Jones, lands in your backyard.  Will he teach you about the great wonders of the universe, or attempt to probe you in an undesirable manner?
  • Cats develop the power of telekinesis.  Good or bad?
  •  A ninja offers to train you to become a ninja.  Do you take the ninja up on his offer?
  • A wizard is willing to snap his fingers and give you 3.5 readers.  Do you accept the new 3.5 readers for your blog, or do you decline, fearful that you couldn’t handle the fame of being known by 3.5 people?

Go forth and write, 3.5 readers!


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