BQB’s Writing Prompts – #51-60


More stimulation for your brain excretions…

#51 – Telekinetic Arctic Birds

A freak storm sends a lightning bolt down into an arctic penguin colony. Remarkably, the penguins come out of this harrowing ordeal unscathed, but they now possess strange, eerie telekinetic powers.

Will the penguins use their newfound telekinetic powers for good or evil?  What wacky shenanigans will they get into?

#52 – A Day with the Dead

A party bus rolls up to your house and honks the horn.

You go inside to find Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Jimmy Cagney, Alexander the Great, Thomas Jefferson, and three more deceased celebrities of your choice.

The bar is fully stocked and the driver is willing to take you anywhere you want to go.

What will you and all of these deceased folk do?

#53 – Are Two Heads Better Than One?

One morning, Mark is woken up by….dun dun dun…a second head attached to his body!

Mike, the new head, disagrees with every idea, value, and opinion that Mark holds dear.

Will they be able to make life work?  How?

#54 – To the Moon!

Harold, offended that NASA turned down his application to become an astronaut, builds a rocket of his very own in his backyard.

Sure, his neighbors are offended by this eyesore, but lucky for them, it isn’t there long, because he uses it to launch himself into outer space.

Harold lands on the moon and discovers that it is inhabited by green space babes.

Will they declare Harold their new ruler, take him captive and probe him relentlessly, or do something else?

#55 – Mind Reader

In a strange turn of events, Irma contracts the power to read minds from an unwashed public restroom toilet seat.

She now has the power to hear whatever anyone is thinking at all times.

Does this power make her happy or sad? Will she use it for good or evil?  Come up with some scenarios in which she uses this power.

#56 – Goldfish Boy Band

Parker goes to the fridge to get himself a snack.

When he returns to his living room, he discovers that the four pet goldfish he keeps in his aquarium have started their own 1990s style boy band.

They’ve got the flashy clothes, the backwards hats, the harmony and a hundred songs where they invariably say things like, “Hey girl” and “Don’t be trippin’ girl” and “I love you, girl” and so on.

Write a documentary style script that chronicles Parker’s efforts to manage the band all the way to fame and fortune.

Will Parker and his fish make it to the top or crash and burn? When all is said and done, will they remain friends or become hopelessly divided?

And will a girl goldfish come between them?

#57 – Cattywampus

Brian develops a rare brain disorder that causes him to say the word “cattywampus” after every fifth word he says.

Write a story in which he defies the odds and overcomes this condition to become one of the world’s greatest motivational speakers.

#58 – Anchovy Anarchy

Leena orders an anchovy and olive pizza with extra garlic because she is hungry and doesn’t have anyone to kiss so it the stench that will defile her pie hole is not a concern for her.

Alas, when the pizza arrives, the anchovies are still alive and all of the anchovies are convinced they are former president Chester A. Arthur.

Write a screenplay about what happens next.

#59 – Super Strength vs. Pie

A wizard offers to grant you the gift of super strength but in exchange you can never eat pie ever again.

(We’re talking any and all forms of pie. Apple, cherry, lemon meringue, custard, strawberry rhubarb, Shepherd’s…and no cobblers either, the wizard is onto that trick.)

Do you take the wizard up on his offer? Why or why not?

#60 – One Life, Three Sentences

Write your autobiography in three and only three sentences.

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