BQB’s Writing Prompts – #61-70


More scenarios to occupy your medulla oblongata.

Is that how a medulla oblongata works?

I don’t know.

Read on…

#61 – Happiness in a Can

You make a snack run to your local convenience store.

You grab the pork rinds, the cheese puffs, the beef jerky, the extra large barrel sized cup of diet soda.

Suddenly, you see in one of the coolers a can marked, “Happiness in the Can.”

If you buy it and pop the top, what will pour out?

#62 – Zombie Rights 

A zombie apocalypse breaks out and the world becomes overrun by hideous brain chomping dead people.

Oddly enough, they gain sentience. They can speak, but slowly and not without a lot of grunts interspersed between their words.

The zombies elect a spokes-zombie and he shares a list of demands with the president.

Specifically, the zombies want:

  • Free brains.
  • The right to chomp any human they want.
  • A requirement that humans must slow down and surrender to incoming zombie chomps. Otherwise, it would be unfair because humans are much faster than zombies.
  • Better treatment by the media. Zombies no longer want to be portrayed in television as hideous brain biters. Zombie actors demand better roles featuring zombies as zombie doctors, zombie lawyers, and zombie politicians.
  • Free helmets for their heads so humans can no longer take them out by stabbing their brains.

Imagine you are the president.

Draft a detailed response to the zombie leader.  Choose whether to seek peace or war with the zombies.

#63 – Festooned Pantaloons


An old gypsy woman offers to cast a spell that will cause the person you are most in love with to return your love and be with you forever.

The catch is that you must wear brightly colored festooned pantaloons for the rest of your days.

That’s right.  Your closet will be filled with pants of every color of the rainbow and they will be excessively baggy.


#64 – Sporks: The Musical

Write a broadway style musical about sporks.

Here, I’ll get you started:

SCENE: A crowded cafeteria. Kids chat and eat lunch.

PROTAGONIST: (holds up a spork and sings a jaunty tune) – Is it a fork? Is it a spoon? Oh how I hope someone will answer me soon! Yes it can scoop but it also has prongs! Is it the answer to all my problems that I have waited for so very, very long? Or is it the epitome of a world gone wrong?

(The cafeteria kids break up into a pro-spoon group and a pro-fork group.)

PRO-SPOON CHORUS: It is a spoon! You will learn that soon! Use it to slurp up soup, you stupid ignorant goon!

PRO-FORK CHORUS: No it is a fork, of that you can be assured! Scooping soup with a pronged utensil is utterly absurd!

#65 – Time Capsule

Write down the contents of two theoretical time capsules.  Create one that would lead future people to conclude we were all nuts (they wouldn’t be far off.)

Next, create one that would lead future people to decide that we were all wonderful geniuses (this will be a stretch but you can do it.)

#66 – Magic Carpet

It turns out that throw rug you’ve been wiping your feet on all these years is, in fact, a magic carpet.

Don’t put too much thought into it. Off the top of your head, where is the first place you’d ask your magic carpet to fly you to and why?

#67 – Life Boat

Write a pilot for a television about a taxidermist, a lawyer, a clown, a dwarf and a proctologist who all end up trapped together on a life boat in the middle of the sea.

Your choice as to whether this would be a sitcom or a drama.

#68 – Aliens Run Amuck 

Why do aliens make crop circles?

Why do aliens probe so many human butts?  What are they looking for up there?

Why do aliens only visit drunk people?

Search your mind and write out the answers to these other questions you may have about extraterrestrials.

#69 – Murder House


You’ve just bought your first home.

You move in, only to be informed by your neighbors that seventeen people were murdered in your new abode and ever since, all kinds of spooky activities have taken place there.

Do you shrug your shoulders and decide to not believe in ghost stories or do you give your real estate agent an earful, put the house back on the market and head for the nearest hotel?

#70 – Furry Love

Sue is ecstatic when longtime boyfriend Lou finally pops the question.

One would expect this to be a happy occasion but alas, there is a catch.

Lou confides in Sue that he is a “furry” or in other words, a person who likes to wear a furry animal mascot costume when he dances the horizontal mambo.

He then shows Sue his private closet where he stores all of his costumes.  Tiger outfits. Bear outfits. Dog outfits. Cat outfits. You name it.

Choose whether Sue is into it and she’s glad Lou confided in her because she has her own closet full of outlandish furry costumes, or if she’s so disgusted that she runs away screaming with her arms flailing about wildly in the air.
















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