BQB Writing Prompts – Cool Down #1 – Pitch That Reality TV Show


Check it out, reader.

A big time network has just called you in to pitch each and every one of the following reality television shows.

I’ll provide the title, you jot down the one paragraph summaries.

Just do me a favor and don’t tell the Mighty Potentate. He hates unscripted programming with a vengeance.

Colonoscopy Outlaws

Who Wants to Win a Knee to the Groin?

Manicure Intervention

Annoying Forgotten Celebrity Makes a Comeback

Fisherman Roy’s Big Time Trout Boat

Ballerinas Unleashed

Rogue Haberdashers

Who Just Contracted Syphilis?

Samurai Kangaroo Rustlers

Trombone Addict Stories

America’s Ugliest Cows

You Too Can Be a Toothless Prostitute

Get Across Town Without Asking Your Damn Phone Directions the Way People Did in the Year 2000

Genital Wart Madness

America’s Next Top Proctologist

Short Order Fry Cook Wars

Celebrity Cat Videos

Idiots Get Drunk and Pretend to Say Spontaneous Things

Fifty Days to Graduate From Clown College

Who Wants to Marry a Ukulele Player?

Toilet Disasters

Frat House Nightmares

Don Fuglebee, Paranormal Accordionist

Duck Feather Collectors

Gas Station Bathroom Reconstructions

Bringing Back the Mullet

People Who Cry Over Anything

Social Media Addicts Share Their Favorite Lunch Photos

Orthodontia Catastrophes

Armadillo Thieves

Nursing Home Hidden Cameras

Find Your Wife in Under Than An Hour Because Who the Hell Has Two Hours Free?

Shut Ins Go On Blind Dates

The World’s Craziest Barracuda Lickers

Headcheese Hoedown

Does Anyone Want to Get Scurvy?

Lame Parties and the Losers Who Throw Them

The Last Ten People on the Planet Who Still Actually Read Books

Chinchila Ranchers

Please Fix My Banzai Tree!

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