Writing Prompts – Bonus Section #1 – How Did You Get There?


Imagine you fall asleep, only to wake up in one of the following scenes.  How did you get there?  What will you do next?

  • A bank vault.  You’ve never so much as stolen an extra cookie from the cookie jar in your entire life, but now you’re in a secure room.  Only a few bills remain on shelves that were once lined with crisp, green currency.  All of the safety deposit boxes have been pried open and looted.  The police are about to open up the vault.  They’ll want answers and you don’t have any.
  • A cat amusement park.  All of the carnies are cats.  All of the guests are cats.  Rides include “Chase the Mouse,” “Bat Around the Ball of String,” and “Freak Out Over the Laser Pointer.”  The twist?  You are the only dog.
  • A hipster bar.  There’s a mandatory fedora rule.  All guests must wear fedoras.  You prefer a good trilby.  Awkward.
  • A baseball dugout.  You’ve never played the game in your entire life.  You don’t even play sports.  Yet, it’s the bottom of the ninth in the seventh game of the World Series.  Your team has won three games.  The opposing team has already won three games.  The bases are loaded and your team is expecting you to knock out a grand slam.  Do you try or do you cave under the pressure and puke?
  • A spaceship.  You have been abducted by little green men who want to experiment on your nether regions forever.  However, you were homeless before so in theory, this situation is a step up over the cardboard box you used to live in.  Escape or just got with it?
  • The jungle.  Mama gorilla is desperately searching for her baby.  In your arms?  Gorilla baby.  #mindblown
  • The Oval Office.  Everyone is calling you “Mister” or “Madame” President as the case may be.  You don’t even remember running.
  • A farm full of hungry, man eating bunnies.  For some strange reason, you’ve been doused in carrot juice.
  • An assassin’s lair.  The assassins are discussing their next target.  The photo they are all staring at is…you!  #nowmymindisreallyblown
  • The Lost City of Atlantis during the time period in which it was thriving.  When you wake up, you are sitting next to a set of gears that have been brought to a halt by a monkey wrench.  As it turns out, the city was a giant boat and without a working water pump, it begins to sink into the sea.  The Atlantians blame you.  Did you do it or were you framed?
  • A meeting of the Illuminati.  You speak their strange, secret language.  You’re wearing the official Illuminati cloak.
  • You’re on the red carpet, about to head into the premiere of your new feature film.  You’re ecstatic to learn that you are a famous thespian.  Alas, when the projector starts rolling, you quickly learn your film is the worst film in the history of film.  As you do your best to ignore all of the boos coming from the audience, you wonder what   the future will bring.  Will your new career be short-lived or will you stage a comeback?
  • The sky.  You are hurtling towards the earth at a rapid pace.  Your parachute will not open.  However, a giant, mutant duck offers to give you a lift if you promise to grant three wishes to said duck at times of his choosing.  The duck will not tell you what the wishes will be in advance.  All of the wishes will be in your power to grant.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  Or get it in the gutter if you prefer to write “that” kind of story, you freaky weirdo.
  • The moon.  It really is made out of cheese, and good thing, because you have nothing left to eat.  Further, you have an unlimited supply of crackers.  Will you eat the whole thing or save some to, you know, live on?
  • A superhero’s secret lair.  As it turns out, your favorite superhero is just a boring dentist in real life.  Even worse, he wants to give you a root canal.
  • A werewolf convention during a full moon.  You’ve been hired to heard all of the humans into their cages before they turn into werewolves.  As you can imagine, some of them are total jerks about it.
  • A spa.  You’re soaking in a vat of gooey brown liquid.  It’s not mud.  (It’s chilled hot fudge.  Seriously.  Get your mind out of the gutter).
  • The home of your ex-wife, ex-husband and/or in-laws.  Really, your choice of whoever you find the most annoying.  Your lips have been sewn shut so you can’t speak up for yourself.  However, this person has consumed an energy drink and is now able to chew you out and point out all of your personal failings all day long.  Also, you have to burp.
  • In front of your least favorite class in high school.  This is a cliche to be sure, but, you aren’t wearing any pants.  The twist?  You are giving your presentation behind the teacher’s desk and you begin to wonder whether or not it would be possible for you to strategically place yourself (while no one is looking) behind a series of large objects throughout the day and get away with your pants-less faux pas with no one being the wiser.
  • A cell block.  You’ve been convicted of a crime you didn’t commit.  Also, the crime is the most embarrassing crime you can possibly think of.  I don’t want to give it away but it involves a stick of dynamite and a tuna noodle casserole.
  • In the balcony where a Broadway play is about to start.  You think this isn’t such a bad thing to wake up to until you look at the program in your hand.  It reads, How Chad Failed Us in So Many Ways.  The cast?  “All of Chad’s Ex-Girlfriends.”  FYI, you are Chad.
  • A park bench between a nun and an accordion player.  You are wearing a construction worker’s hat and a pink tutu.
  • Heaven.  You are dead.  Saint Peter is reviewing your file and says it looks good but for one incident in which you blamed an errant cheek squeak on the family dog.  You thought it wasn’t a big deal but your parents were so offended that they had the dog put to sleep.  Give your best argument for why this black mark on your record should be overlooked.
  • A disco.  It’s the 1970s.  You are wearing a leisure suit and a gold medallion.  Three hours into this dance party, you realize you can’t stop.  Six hours later, you can’t stop.  Three weeks pass and you are still dancing.  Will this be fun forever or will it eventually get boring and tiresome?
  • The office of your favorite writer.  He or she will give you a primo piece of advice if you rub his or her super disgusting bunions.  Worth it?
  • A scrapyard.  You are a robot who has been thrown away.  Fix yourself and run away or give up and await the crusher?
  • A room filled with the greatest philosophers of all time.  Plato.  Aristotle.  Descartes.  Sartre.  Nietzsche.  You wait for one of them to say something important but instead, they all just keep asking you to, “pull my finger.”
  • A train filled with supermodels, but you are required to wear a blindfold.
  • The manger where Jesus was born.  As it turns out, you know about an available room at an inn owned by a nice person who is totally not super judgmental.  Will you tell Mary and Joseph or zip your lips so as to avoid altering history?
  • A monster truck rally.  You are the only monster truck fan in attendance.  Every other member of the audience is a monocle wearing aristocrat.
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One thought on “Writing Prompts – Bonus Section #1 – How Did You Get There?

  1. Scary…I think ‘The Oval Office’ prompt is based on a true story.

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