Writing Prompts – Misc Prompts 2


The End is Nigh

You have just been given advance notice that the world will end in seven days.  There’s nothing that can be done to stop it.  You decide not to tell anyone.  Why cause a panic?  Instead, you set out to do all of those things you have always wanted to do but were always too afraid to.

What will you do and how will you cram it all into one week?

Wacky World Travel

The good news?  You get to travel around the world!  The bad news?  You transportation choices are a) a kangaroo’s pouch b) a hot air balloon or c) a jet pack.  Which will you choose and what adventures will you get in along the way?

 Worm Hole in Your Fridge

A jug of expired milk in the back of your fridge curdles so badly that it rips open a worm hole.  One night, while in search of a snack, you get sucked in.  What happens next?

Donkey Rule

It’s the future.  A race of intelligent donkeys have conquered the world.  Yes, I know sometimes it feels like that now but pay attention.  Some donkeys are good.  Some donkeys are evil.  Write a fantastic tale about a hero who sides with the good donkeys or if you prefer, a villain who works with the evil donkeys.

Will the donkeys kick each other forever or will peace be found?

Fun with Gravity

One afternoon, while microwaving a disgusting frozen dinner, you stand too close to the microwave.  Your molecules are scrambled, causing gravity to no longer have a hold on you.  You float everywhere.  You can only leave the house if a friend is willing to hold on to a tether attached to your belt.

Come on.  The stories that will come next write themselves.

One Word on Your Head

A law is passed requiring every man, woman, and child must write a single word on their foreheads in washable marker before leaving home in the morning.

Luckily, you get to choose your own word.  It can be as rude or as uplifting as you like.  What will your word be and why?

Dead and Breakfast

Sandy and Todd drive up to Vermont in the hopes of spending a long weekend at a countryside bed and breakfast.  When they arrive, they find that their room is lovely and the home they will be staying in comes with every amenity they could possibly want.

The catch?  The business is run by a couple of zombies.  That’s right.  Floyd and Edna Rabbajabba are a pair of fine, upstanding undead Americans.  They assure you that they will not eat your brains.  They subsist on a diet of cow brains.

You ask around town and discover that Floyd and Edna are beloved members of the community.  Yet, you feel like you couldn’t possibly get any sleep knowing that a pair of brain munchers are in the house.

Do you stay or do you go?

 World Peace or Fancy Fleece?

A magic elf informs you that you must make a choice.  You can have world peace or you can be a fancy dresser.  Everyone will be happy or you will be happy because everyone will think all of your outfits are awesome.  Worse, if you choose world peace, you will only be able to wear polyester.  Which option will you choose?

Hamlet Rewrite

Pick a scene any scene in Hamlet.  Add in the new character of Zack, the World’s Greatest Singing Pickle Farmer.  Zach must have at least ten lines and he must become a key part of the scene.

Three Things

Pick three items in your home at random.  Write a high octane action summer blockbuster movie script about those items.

Three Words

Open any book.  Close your eyes.  Point to a word.  Open your eyes.  Write the word down.  Do this three more times.  Write a love story that revolves around these words.

Time Yourself

A philandering race car driver, a psychopath and a poodle groomer are trapped on a runaway train.  The following words will be used: trout, uncouth, overt, perfume, wretched.

Check your watch.  Time yourself.  You can’t write the best story ever told but rather, the best story you can churn out in less than a half-hour.


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