Writing Prompts – Misc Prompts


The prompts that were left on the cutting room floor…

Mean Candy Streets

Imagine a buddy cop drama filled with intensity and high stakes.  The cops are stressed.  The criminals are vile.  The catch?  Everything is made out of candy.  The streets are paved with taffy.  Guns are made out of bubble gum and shoot gum drops instead of bullets.  Handcuffs are just two licorice ropes tied together.

Stuck on a scenario?  What if a gang of hoodlums rob the First National Bank and speed away with a big haul of chocolate coins?

Chicken Rampage

Gassy’s Fast Eats, the world’s number one provider of waistline expanding fast food, dispatches a team of scientists to breed super fat chickens.  Alas, the experiment works too well.  A fifty foot tall chicken, dubbed “Chickzilla” by the press, gets loose and starts destroying the city.  How can this porky poultry be stopped?

Where Everyone Knows What You Are Thinking

Everyone in the world wakes up with the ability to read each other’s minds.  Boon because now no one has to guess at how to make their friends and family happy or bust because some thoughts are better left unexpressed?

Bicycle Wars

A massive electromagnetic pulse explosion renders all electronic devices.  Scientists estimate it will be at least a hundred years before any gadgets can be used again.  Will people find a new way to ignore one another or will they (gasp) start talking to each other?

Social Media Chaos

Burt Schmamadoo of Dubuque, MN is eating lunch in his car one day when a thought pops into his head that he finds humorous.  Thinking it to be little more than a casual musing, he posts it on his favorite time wasting social media site.  Hours late, war breaks out.  Burt’s post went viral within a matter of seconds and worldwide factions have turned violent over a raging debate as to whether or not Burt’s post was astute or off the mark.

What did Burt say in his post?  What can he post to bring about peace?

Fish Bowl

Fish are humans and walk on their fins.  They breathe air and go to work and everything.  Meanwhile, humans are fish.  They are small and are forced to live in little bowls of water that they swim around and poop in all day.


Tennis Pro

Margaret sells her soul to the devil in order to achieve her dream of becoming a nationally recognized tennis player.  Satan, not without a sense of humor, arranges for Margaret to be framed and convicted on gruesome murder charges.  The case is so high profile that the it is frequently brought up on the nightly news.  In other words, Margaret has become a “nationally recognized tennis player,” albeit she is nationally recognized as a murderer instead of as a tennis pro.

Jot down what happens next.  Will she burn in hell forever or will she figure out a loophole that wins her soul back?

Sidenote:  Never sell your soul to the devil, kids.  He’s got a twisted sense of humor and will find all sorts of technicalities to screw you over with.

New and Improved Pies

Apple?  Schmapple.  Strawberry?  More like Scrapberry.  Blueberry?  Bleh-berry.

Custard.  Lemon meringue.  Key lime.  Forget every kind of pie you know and love.

Dream up three new flavors of pie that you think would be delicious.  Heck, bake them if you want.  Don’t forget to save me a slice.

Writer’s Block

Jeff is an aspiring writer.  Sadly, he experiences a dry spell, going for weeks without writing a single world.

One day, this noble scribe opens up his closet and sees something that makes his heart swell and his mind race.  Better yet, he becomes so inspired that he writes a bestseller.

What did Jeff see?  Why did it get his brain gears turning?

The Future is Now

Select three products that exist that you never dreamed about when you are kid.  What makes these items so special?

Write a letter to your younger self.  Describe these three items, keeping in mind that you have to use terms your younger self will understand.


Eggs.  Eggs are everywhere!

Xavier arrives home at his usually spotless mansion only to find eggs sitting on every surface in the entire joint.

Eggs on the sofa.  Eggs on the TV.  Eggs in the sink.  Eggs on the table.  Eggs in all of the drawers, in the medicine cabinet and even in the crawlspace.

Bewildered by this development, Xavier sits down on his couch.  He ponders what to do next until…kaboom!  All of the eggs explode at the same time, leaving this young man with egg on his face.

Weave the strange tale of how all those eggs got there.

Love in a Sewer

Becky and Dan are just a couple of wacky kids who meet…in a sewer.  Yes, a sewer.  Love can happen anywhere, right?

Come up with a story about how these two lovebirds, against all of the odds, as well as against all of the rats, foul smells, and flushed alligators find love.

Yummy Moon

You’ve crash landed your spaceship on the moon.  You didn’t bring any food with you.  Luckily, the moon really is made out of cheese, and that cheese is delicious.  Oddly enough, a previous space traveler has left a big box of crackers behind.

You eat, and eat, and eat until there’s just one tiny patch of moon left for you to sit on.  You barely fit on it.  Suddenly, your tummy rumbles.  You are hungry again.

Do you eat your seat or do you have some willpower in order to avoid drifting off into the cosmos?

Mango Chutney

Annie, Nelson’s wife of thirty years, starts screaming the words, “Mango Chutney!” over and over again.  At first, he thinks she’s just suffering some sort of temporary mental breakdown, but when it gets to the point where he can’t take his beloved out in public anymore, he seeks professional help.

Pretend you are that professional.  Tell us why Annie can’t stop screaming, “Mango Chutney!”


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  1. These are great. Thanks for sharing.

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