Movie Review – Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

This movie was a trip…maybe even an acid trip for the eyes.

Grab your hammer, 3.5 readers.  It’s time to review “Thor: Ragnarok.”

Ragnarok.  If you’re an Asgardian, it’s a word that scares you shitless, i.e. the destruction of Asgard itself.

As it turns out, Thor has a long lost sister, Hela, (Cate Blanchett), an evil bitch on wheels who wants to fill the power vacuum post Odin (Anthony Hopkins.)

It’s up to Thor (Chris Hemsworth) to save the day, and he wants to but alas, he’s been marooned on Sicario, a messed up world of slaves bent to the will of the eccentric despot known as the Grand Master (Jeff Goldblum.)

The Grand Master holds gladiator style fights and Thor is forced to do battle with the toughest champion of all, yes – The Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk’s better half, Bruce Banner.)

Rounding out the cast is Tessa Thompson as Valkryrie, an enemy the God of Thunder charms into an alliance.  Idris Elba and Thomas Hiddleston reprise their roles as Heimdall and Loki, while Karl Urban joins as Heimdall’s replacement, Skurge.

This movie is the best of all of the Thor films (a series that has been getting progressively better overall whereas I would argue, for example, the Iron Man trilogy starts out strong in 1 but sucks butt by 3.)

It’s a symphony for the senses, an awesome sound track, lots of colors and special effects and even the story line is good.

My one criticism – I wish it had been kept a secret that the Hulk was the Grandmaster’s champion.  I don’t think this is a spoiler because Marvel has advertised that pretty heavily for a long time now.  The trailer shows Thor about to fight an unknown enemy in combat and then he is pleasantly surprised when it turns out to be his ally, the Hulk.

It was a tough call for Marvel/Disney.  It would have been hysterical for me, the way its built up through the movie that Thor doesn’t stand a chance against the mysterious champion, only for it to turn out to be his old green buddy.

On the other hand, Hulk being in the film is a selling point that Disney I’m sure wanted people to know about.  Ironically, there have been two standalone Hulk films since 2000.  Both more or less sucked, but this Avengers version of the Hulk with Ruffalo is solid enough that I wonder if a third standalone might be the trick.  Hulk himself gets some lines and some understanding on the screen here.

Overall, these movies keep building on themselves and the build up pays off.  If you haven’t seen the previous ones, you’ll still enjoy it but it does pay to invest in watching them all as there capitalize on each other.

STATUS:  Shelf-worthy.


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8 thoughts on “Movie Review – Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

  1. I keep meaning to go and see this. Not least because it was directed by a guy from the very city where I live in New Zealand (whose earlier movies are comedy genius – check out ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’, ‘Things We Do In The Shadows’ and ‘Boy’ if you get the chance).

  2. lifepunchesback says:

    I liked the money even though at times I felt like they tried a little too hard to make it funny. Overall good movie for your money.

    • I think if they could have removed Hulk from the commercials that would have been an epic payoff when he comes out as the champion. Yeah there were some parts where it is silly, but my thought is of all the standalone hero movies, Thor keeps getting better. Iron Man got worse. Capt America keeps getting better but his films depend largely on bringing all the Avengers in, they are like extra Avenger movies. Hulk doesn’t get standalone movies anymore.

      • lifepunchesback says:

        Agreed plus Thor definitely needed this funnier makeover plus what I hear they tried to make it silly to set it up to meet up with Guardians of the Galaxy. If you ever watched guardians movie you know it’s full of silly humor.

  3. Ushnish says:

    The trailer ruined what could have been a huge surprise of the Hulk vs Thor gladiator match.

  4. Chel Owens says:

    Agreed on the surprise ruined. Why didn’t you mention that this film is a surprise comedy as well?

    …oh, and are you going to review the “Loki” series?

    • Eventually, I’ll probably wait until it is over. Have you been watching it? I’ve had mixed feelings. I feel like these Disney Plus shows are basically they grab the sidekick characters and then have reasons why the main characters can’t show up. The Loki show seems like a lot of effort built around the idea of a multiverse just to explain why Loki isn’t dead. But the last episode (Spoiler if you haven’t seen it) with the multiple Lokis including the aligator Loki and all the Lokis turn on each other was pretty funny.

      • Chel Owens says:

        I’m liking the series idea. I think they’re trying to keep up with the whole streaming thing and COVID home life.

        In terms of “Loki” itself, I wasn’t such a fan of his acting in the first episode and haven’t agreed with his not trying tricks since… Then, of course, I thought Sylvie’s trick a good parallel for Hiddleston IRL… 😀

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