The Last Driver – Book Cover

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.

Great news.  I’m in the serial game!  Yes, add a new one to my list of ongoing projects but a catch.  Here, I’m going to release a book in short bursts or episodes, building up to one long “season.”  TV style writing in book form.  All the cool kids are doing it.

I think this will help me.  Unfortunately, my daily personal life is so busy and chaotic its getting harder and harder to find time to write, but if I can get some shorter parts of a book together, written well, edited and published, then I think that will be easier than one book – not that I’ve stopped work on my other book projects.

So…”The Last Driver.”  It’s the future.  2050.  Frank Wylder is an old man who feels the world has passed him by.  I mean, it has literally changed – into a globe dominated by a highly intrusive dictatorship.

The Globalists of the One World Order wish to retain centralized control of the planet.  The Nationalist rebels of the National Front want to split the Earth back into individual, petty, bickering nations once more.

Frank could care less – that is, until the rebels kidnap his granddaughter.  Their demand?  That Frank, who was once a badass bank heist wheelman in his youth, ride again.  That’s right.  To save loved one’s life, he’ll have to take his most prized possession, an American Made Sidewinder muscle car (“Veronica”) on a series of high speed missions against the One World Order.

Human drivers have gone the way of the dodo.  Self-driving cars reign and no one remembers how to drive anymore – except Frank.  He remembers all too well.  These miracles of modern engineering, designed to transport passengers safely and efficiently with nary an accident, are no match for an old drunk with a lead foot and nothing left to loose.

Anyway, I’ll be blasting Episode 1 out by the end of the year.  New chapters here on the blog as quick as I can for your input.

And…isn’t this the best book cover ever?  The best of all the book covers I’ve purchased for books I have yet to print thus far:

THE LAST DRIVER_finalebook

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