TV Review – Hawkeye (2021)

So many arrows, so little time, 3.5 readers.

BQB here with a review of Disney Plus’ Hawkeye.

It’s about time The Avengers’ arrow blasting badass got his own movie…except I guess they didn’t want to give him one so this TV show will have to do. That’s ok, Hawky. The Hulk could never carry a movie by himself either, even with those big green mitts. Hulk smash everything…except box office records.

Here, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) is on a holiday vacay to NYC with his kids, the hawklets, in tow. After taking in an Avengers style broadway show (watch the entire thing after the end credits of the last episode), he has a run in with Kate Bishop (Hailey Steinfeld), an archery champ who was inspired to become a champion arrow slinger in her own right after witnessing Hawkeye take out some alien villains during Loki’s attack on New York back in the 2012 film when she was just a child. My, how time flies.

Kate has had her own run in with the aptly named Track Suit Mafia over a misunderstanding when she accidentally dons the Ronin costume, the same garb that Hawkeye wore during the blip phase of the last Avengers’ film, a time when he missed his deleted family and took vengeance out on the evildoers of the world with no remorse.

Assuming Kate is Ronin and wanting revenge, it’s a mad cat arrow infused romp as Clint and Kate shoot their way out of this mess, one flying pointy stick at a time.

At first, I felt there was a bit of a bait and switch here. Vile patriarchist that I am, I’m not a fan of this trend to replace longstanding male characters with females. In some cases, like when a character is more of an idea than a person and anyone can step in and be them, it works. In other cases, where the studio is just like, “OK this dude has a vag now” it makes little sense. It’s like the studios are saying that women can never be fully complete unless they grow ding dongs and become dudes, as if they were born deficient when they were born vaginized.

Moving on, my main complaint was that it looked like we were going to get very little Hawkeye and a lot of Kate Bishop, which seemed deceptive for a show called Hawkeye, but ultimately, we got a lot of the Hawkster. It’s basically like a mismatched buddy cop show about an old veteran arrow slinger taking a fresh, naive, lots to learn rookie arrow slinger under his wing.

I have to give this show kudos because it does show the dangerous side of super-heroing, particularly when the hero is just like, a person with no supernatural and/or scientifically assisted abilities. (Sidenote – isn’t it a gaping plot hole that Tony Stark never just outfitted the entire team with his Iron Man armor?)

Clint is deaf, having had a front row seat to plenty of gunfire and explosions in his day. Movies never tell the viewer this, but explosions and guns are loud. In the movies, people just stand around explosions like nothing’s wrong but in reality, if you’re lucky enough to not be vaporized in the blast radius, you’d still most likely be knocked on your butt and/or left with long-lasting, perhaps life-long hearing loss.

Kate and Clint get knocked around throughout the show and to the show’s credit, the pain shows. They’re constantly hurt, and they are never without band-aids and stitches on their face, so A plus to Disney for giving us a look at how hard it is to be a super-hero when you’re not a God, or haven’t been gifted with amazing strength and/or health regeneration, be it through magic or science. When you’re just Joe or Jane Average, getting your ass kicked hurts, a lot, and afterwards, you’re going to be limping and covered with bandages and you’re probably going to need a drink and a nap. Also, a dog. Bonus points to the show for adding a dog.

STATUS: Shelf-worthy, but SPOILER ALERT. Looks like Kate will take over the Hawkeye role, so where does that leave Clint? Where does that leave Jeremy Renner? Is he exiting the franchise? Will he come back as Ronin? Probably not since he burned the costume, then again, a new costume is only a call to the tailor shop away.

Meanwhile, Lady Thor is on the way and I guess, I don’t know, they’ll probably chop off the Hulk’s ding-a-ling eventually just to be fair to out of control green lady rage monsters.

Double bonus points because Vera Farmiga is in it. I have had a crush on her since she appeared scantily clad in The Departed.

Triple bonus points because the show is Christmas themed.

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3 thoughts on “TV Review – Hawkeye (2021)

  1. Chel Owens says:

    I’m not a fan of the chop-off-the-male-parts thing, either, but did like a lot of this series. I liked the hearing loss, the stupid Broadway play (because they are), the on-point comments by Kate, the fact that her excuse for being at the auction (“Bruce told me to”) turned out that he throw-out name was the real name, etc…. Basically, I enjoyed the jokes and snappy dialogue. I liked the realism.

    So… I dislike the unrealism. I mean, Kingpin would’ve snapped her in half. Right?

    Now, tell me you’ve analyzed “Loki”…

    (And, a female Hulk would be more realistic. Haven’t you ever made a woman mad? šŸ˜€ )

    • 1) There is a She-Hulk. Disney Plus is already developing the series.

      2) I have to admit I’m not sure what Kingpin’s deal is. I didn’t watch much of Netflix’s Daredevil where I assume that would have been explained. Generally, he’s fat and strong but I don’t think that is enough to survive gunshots, arrow shots, etc. He would definitely win in a fist fight against Kate but wouldn’t be impervious to her arrows.

      3) I liked Loki but I thought they got a lot of mileage out of time travel/paradoxes/multiple universes and so on. I thought the wokeness worked because it made sense Loki can be anyone. On the other hand, Hunter B15 had ginormous bazongas and would they really craft a SWAT team uniform that molded to said bazongas? Would she be able to chase down time criminals and fight them with those things getting in the way? I don’t know. I don’t want to discriminate and tell giant chested women they can’t work in space-time law enforcement but I’d have to know more about the science behind it.

      • Chel Owens says:

        1. *speechless*

        2. I assumed he had a vest underneath. But -yeah, he could at least swat Kate like a bug.

        3. The molded chestpiece would actually improve fighting performance. Think: jock strap.

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