I’m failing you miserably, 3.5 readers.  I think this novel and the next one are going to go well though.  Taking characters out of history helps me keep it grounded and organized so I don’t go completely off the rails.

I don’t seem to have time to blog and write the book, though I don’t want the blog characters to go by the wayside.  I’ll have to get them back on the blog soon.

I have a tendency to judge and/or push myself too much.  I don’t know. I feel like life is short I try not to think this way but I do it anyway – I often beat myself over the head that I haven’t like, accomplished anything really great.  I hope these novels will be it, though I know maybe that jinxes it.

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4 thoughts on “Laziness

  1. Life is short. Stop beating yourself up. There are no awards for the guy who goes to his grave having logged the most hours of self flagellation.

    • I’m not mentioning it for the politics itself but the conventions make me realize it’s been 8 years since Obama was elected and it just seems like a decade has come and gone very quickly.

      I do think that having a pre-set story, i.e. Wild Bill gets shot in the back while playing cards, and then I just flip it around and add vampires and zombies keeps it grounded.

  2. It’s not laziness. You’ve just shifted your creativity and energy. No worries. Speaking for myself and the other 2.5 readers, we understand.

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