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Alien Jones - Earth's Only Hope

The Mighty Potentate, who bears a striking resemblance to Alien Jones.

TO:  H’awa’lekquar Zalazalazalazalazaladimmadimaballa Koveenomix Tromphilogate Scriblero 17.5 Twanny Twim Twally Bolorolax Bek ZsaZsaGabor Heeka heeka heeka heeka AWOLLAGAX!

AKA:  Alien Jones

RE:  Incompetent Humans

Alien Jones, I grow tired of those smug, smarmy, incompetent human beings on Earth.  No cures for cancer.  No reversal of the aging process.  No world peace.  And yet?  Reality television aplenty.

These beings need to get their priorities straight.

Your mission?  Insert yourself as a Question and Answer Columnist on

Why choose a site with only 3.5 readers?

a)  This site is awesome.  It is in its infancy now but I predict that in time, it will be all the rage on Earth.

b)  Print media is deader than space disco.  On Earth, everyone and their Uncle Fred has a blog.  One is as good as another.  These people aren’t like us.  We just think something and everyone else knows the thought instantly.  And stop thinking about your government mandated life mate’s shapely ganderflazer, Alien Jones.  Your Mighty Potentate is trying to educate you here.


1)  Under no circumstances are you to provide the name and/or location of our home planet.  Humans may be a band of lazy, good-for-nothing slack-jawed dullards but if they ever figure out there’s another world full of sentient beings they can peddle their garbage reality television programs to, they’ll master space travel in two-weeks and I, the Mighty Potentate, will be furious if scripted television programming becomes a thing of the past on our planet, as it almost has on Earth.

Yes, we’ve tried to help Earth with this.  We beamed the ideas of shows like “Breaking Bad” into various Hollywood suits’ minds but I just cannot allow the Earthlings to find us, Alien Jones.  Know that if you violate this rule, you will be savagely beaten with your own ganderflazer and mocked throughout our society as an example of humiliation and great ridicule.

We will also call you a jerkface.

2)  Your column will invite humans to submit questions about anything and everything.  No question is too big or too small.  Questions can be as important as the origins of the universe or as insignificant as why do fast food employees always fakazilliak up your order.

3)  Through this weekly Q and A process, I believe humanity will, on the whole, become a more intelligent species.  They will become wiser and more capable of achieving great deeds.  Even better, they will abandon reality television and I, the Mighty Potentate, will no longer need fear the great offense caused to me by such tomfoolery.

4)  Humans require reminders about everything.  I have no idea how they even walk, talk, and breathe air on their own.  Each week, you will remind them to submit their questions in the comments on, to @bookshelfbattle on Twitter, or on the Bookshelf Battle Google Plus page.

5)  Bookshelf Q. Battler, a human we have identified as one of the most intelligent beings on Earth (and all that is saying really is that he’s the turd with the most polish on it) will forward questions posed by his 3.5 readers and you will reply with your answers in a weekly column, to be published on Sundays, the time of week when humans have the most time to waste on stupid things, such as viewing blogs with only 3.5 readers.

6)  Humans require bribery to do anything.  Seriously, they have a holiday called Christmas, which pertains to be the birth date of a magical, mystical holy man, and yet, they still need to have a guy called Santa Claus fly around with reindeer and deliver toys and presents and shit.  Pardon my language, I just get worked up whenever I am talking about the humans.

If the questions posed appear acceptable and come from reputable sources, you may choose to provide a plug in your column for the books, blogs, other projects these people are constantly trying to push on everyone.

I swear, I’m not sure there is anyone on Earth who isn’t trying to push a book.  My space craft crash landed in the backwoods of that planet one time and the drunk unshaven hillbilly who pulled me out of the wreckage tried to sell me a copy of his book entitled, “101 Drunk Unshaven Hillbilly Poems.”

7)  These writer types tend to be sensitive, perhaps a little bit more so when dealing with a blog operated by an anonymous blogger who claims to be the owner of a magical bookshelf.  Therefore, we’ll add a clause that if someone doesn’t like the plug you write in your column, they can request its removal and you’ll do it, no questions asked, no harm, no foul, no hard feelings and so on.

I, the Mighty Potentate, have finished explaining your mission, Alien Jones.  Go forth, do me proud, and bring me back a pepperoni calzone with extra peppers and olives.

Yours in Strength,

The Mighty Potentate, Surpreme and Undisputed Emperor of PLANET NAME REDACTED

Alien Image Courtesy of “Marauder” on

10 thoughts on “Ask the Alien

  1. wizki says:

    Dear Mighty Potentate: Although I am one of the puny humans you so despise, I thought you might want to know that, A) I have never participated in, nor plan on participating in, the creation and/or distribution of reality television programs, earth-based or otherwise, and B) as I am now following this blog, your 3.5-person readership has now been upgraded to 4.5 (who the hell is the .5 anyway, I feel sorry for him/her/it. What a loser!). No idea why you chose to grace my insignificant little corner o’ the blogosphere with your August Presence, but know this: I WILL BE WATCHING YOU. Please continue checking my blog at for more stories, some related to aliens and some, urm, not. Thank you!

  2. franklparker says:

    There seems to be a dearth of questions here. And only as many book reviews as there are readers of your blog. It’s time to remedy that.
    Q.1. Has your space vehicle ever landed in Ireland? Anywhere in the British Isles, even?
    Q.2. Who stole the 29th February last year? Will he/she/it steal it again next year?
    Q.3. Which of these two books would you like to review? (I can provide a .mobi version of either if you e-mail me
    Safe traveling, Alien friend.

    • Thank you sir.

      The Esteemed Brainy One is on a sensitive intergalactic mission of diplomacy involving irregular pants at the moment but he’s due back this summer so he’ll definitely address your question then (if not sooner, sometimes he surprises me.)

      As for the book reviews – funny thing that. This was initially intended to be a book review site but it quickly descended into obnoxious tomfoolery and never recovered.

  3. isilkemp says:

    I could try to phrase a question in a way that DOESN’T make me look like one of those book-pushing jackasses mentioned above, but…what the hell? The Mighty Potentate has already got us humans pegged, so I might as well promote as shamelessly as I can. I mean, we should all aspire to live down to other’s expectations, right?

    Question: Should storytellers cross genre boundary lines? Or should authors like Dakota Kemp and Bookshelf Q. Battler be considered clinically insane for their penchant of smooshing together wildly disparate genres? For example, Dakota Kemp mashes together the steampunk and sword-and-sorcery genres in his upcoming novel “Ironheart: The Primal Deception”, just as BQB does Westerns and Zombie Dystopia in “How the West was Zombed.” Are they unrecognized geniuses? Or delusional losers?

    Thanks, BQB and/or Alien Jones! If you have any questions or need a copy of Ironheart to peruse before considering posting on this topic, just email me at

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