Orchestrated by the dastardly Dr. Hugo Von Science, East Randomtown, USA has succumbed to a horrifyingly ghastly zombie apocalypse.

It’s up to our intrepid hero, Bookshelf Q. Battler, host of a blog with an audience of 3.5 readers, to save the day.  BQB’s band of survivors include his main squeeze, Video Game Rack Fighter, his alien buddy, Alien Jones, and his former Funky Hunk co-rapper, Bernie “MC Plotz” Plotznick.

Will these geeks survive?  Will they become zombie lunch?  Only time will tell.

Luckily, as the owner of a magic bookshelf, BQB is widely known by 3.5% of the literary community.  He’ll take advantage of this by calling up one author of zombie fiction per day for 31 days.  These illustrious experts of zombiology will advise our resident nerd on how to combat the undead menace.

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AN INTRODUCTION – Everything BQB’s 3.5 readers need to know to enjoy the zombie apocalypse.

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A TWITTER INTERVIEW WITH BRIANE KEENE – Legendary Master of Zombie Disaster and The Rising author Briane Keene grants BQB a Twitter interview.  Keene is one of the forefathers of the zombie craze that’s still going strong after all these years.

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THE SCHEDULE – What day is your favorite zombie author stopping by?


BQB’s ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SURVIVOR’S JOURNAL – Every day, BQB will update his 3.5 readers on his zombie apocalypse progress.  Click this link to catch up on your BQB Zompoc reading.

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#31ZOMBIEAUTHORS – THE INTERVIEWS –  Been busy fighting zombies of your own?  Here’s where you can catch up on zombie author interviews.  Stop by bookshelfbattle.com as a new interview will be posted daily.  Love zombies?  These scribes will talk all about them.  Love writing?  They’ll share their secrets to success.

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NETWORK NEWS ONE COVERAGE EXCLUSIVELY ON BQB’S FACEBOOK – Want more details of the East Randomtown Zombie Apocalypse?  NN1’s legion of hot chick reporters are working around the clock to bring you the latest zompoc headlines and delivering them straight to www.facebook.com/bookshelfqbattler.com 


TWITTER – Follow @bookshelfbattle to get the latest tweets about the East Randomtown Zompoc


WATTPAD – BQB’s Zombie Apocalypse Survivor’s Journal will be posted on Wattpad.  You’ll get the posts quicker on bookshelfbattle.com and of course, you’ll still need to come to this blog to read the zombie author interviews.

Thank you, zombie authors, for donating your time and talent toward the effort to save Bookshelf Q. Battler’s oily hide.

3.5 readers, please do all that you can to support these writers to thank them for keeping your favorite book nerd alive.  Check out their books, tell your friends about them on your favorite time wasting social media platform, and most importantly, if you enjoy their works, leave them a review on Amazon!  Doing so will surely inspired them to keep bringing us more zombie madness.

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