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BQB’s Classic Movie Reviews – Sleepy Hollow (1999)

I was in college when I went to see this movie on the big screen.  I thought it was great and over time, I am convinced that it is Tim Burton’s best.  It’s a perfect blend of horror, mystery, and light humor.

I caught it on Netflix tonight and was amazed at how young Johnny Depp looks.  I’m not sure how young he is in this movie but he’s got to be late 20s or at least no more than early 30s.  I remember being a teenager thinking he was an old man.  Sigh.  What time does to our perspective.

Christina Ricci plays Katrina, Ichabod’s love interest.  Christina is about my age (and was my age at the time I saw the movie for the first time)…I remember at the time thinking she was hot and would love to date her.  Now she seems like a baby in this movie.

Depp is great in this as he plays Ichabod as a science geek, someone ahead of his time with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos he uses for detective work.  He’s smarter than everyone yet he’s also lacking in common sense and often goes to great lengths with his gadgets to figure out what is obvious anyway.

Further, it takes place in 1799, a time when people were beginning to accept at least the most basic of scientific principles yet were still holding on to thoughts of witchcraft and superstition.  Thus, the pitting of Ichabod’s science against the horseman’s supernatural powers.

STATUS: Shelf-worthy.  Rent it on Netflix today.

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