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Daily Discussion with The Yeti – What is your favorite fungus?


Hello 3.5 loser faces.  It is I, the international war criminal/incredibly boring fuzzy snow monster the Yeti, here to take over Bookshelf Q. Battler’s pitiful blog because he is a whiney sissy boy who has given up on life and has decided to bury himself up to his neck in sand and cover his face in honey so his stupid face can become ant lunch.

Works for me because I hate that guy.  He is a doofus and his blog was too stimulating.  Yetis love boredom.  All must be boring.

Speaking of, what is your favorite type of fungus, 3.5 dummies?  Leave your favorite fungus in the comments.

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I Quit

Dear 3.5 Readers,

I quit.  It’s been a real blast, but I’m at the point where I’m so old it wouldn’t matter if I sell enough copies of Toilet Gator (the best book ever written about toilets or gators) to buy a Malibu Beach House and fill it full of hot chicks with loose morals.

I mean, had it happened ten years ago, I could have fooled myself into thinking the hot chicks wanted me for my manliness and charm.  Now that my balls are all wrinkly and my face looks like I stepped on a rake 5,000 times, what would it matter?  I would be fully aware that the women aren’t hanging out with me for me but for all of my Toilet Gator money.

So, I enjoyed writing this blog but I have decided to turn it over to my arch nemesis, the International War Criminal/Incredibly Boring Fuzzy Snow Monster, The Yeti.  He will post boring posts until the end of time.  Expect many photos of his toe nail clippings.

I had a good run.  No, my last post can’t include a lie.  It was a terrible run.  Literally every bad thing that could have possibly happened did and now I am going to ask Alien Jones to put me in one of his spare space ships and auto pilot me into the sun…that way, a little piece of me will always shine down on you 3.5 readers.

Well…maybe I won’t go that far.  I changed my mind. I will move to Tibet and become a monk.  Are monks allowed to eat pizza?  I hope so.  I’ll find out.

Thank you 3.5 readers.  You are the Yeti’s 3.5 readers now.  Enjoy.