Movie Review – The Rhythm Section (2020)

Blake Lively puts the ass in assassin.

BQB here with a review of this fall flat thriller.

As an ugly rights activist, my initial complaint is this movie took yet another hot chick and uglied her up to play a weathered, down and out woman.  But then I let it go, for the point is that Lively’s character, Stephanie, was once a young, beautiful, promising college student with a bright future until her family was killed in a terrorist attack on their plane.

After that, depression gets the best of her, and she ends up on the street, making her living through prostitution, addicted to drugs.

Unable to let her pain go, her quest for answers leads her down a rabbit hole that leads to ex-spy Jude Law taking her on as a protege, becoming the Obi Wan to her Luke as he trains her to become an assassin.

Overall, the plot sounds solid, but there are numerous holes, it drags in the middle, and while I don’t want to give up the ending, let’s just say that it is patched together with duct tape and glue.

With a few tweaks, the movie could have improved.  One big problem was an over emphasis on how difficult the transformation from regular person to killer was.  As she botches one job after another, the audience is left to feel sympathy, as really, wouldn’t any of us botch an assassination if we have little prior assassin experience?  However, it gets ridiculous as Stephanie becomes so incompetent that one wonders how she could ever track down and kill her family’s murderer.

Really, there should have been a beginning where she sucks at killing, then a middle where she gets better, and an end where she becomes a killer extraordinaire. Instead, she sucks in the beginning, sucks in the middle, then becomes the T1000 in the end.

STATUS: Moderately shelf-worthy.

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