GI Joe Livestream

Hey 3.5 readers.

Your old pal, BQB here.

Do you want to watch a show full of geopolitical intrigue, espionage, subterfuge, special agents, double agents, spies galore and international missions filled with derring-do, cold war politics, all tied up in a “America! Eff yeah!” bow, all while serving as a pseudo commercial for plastic toys?

Then have I got news for you, because GI Joe is being live-streamed on YouTube by Hasbro for free. When did this start? I don’t know. Perhaps its gone on for awhile. But I just discovered it, so it’s new to me.

I often repeat Thomas Wolfe’s old line about how you can’t go home again. Things you enjoyed in your youth don’t hold up as an adult. Things that you saw through that you saw through your young eyes, back when the world was new and the possibilities were endless, don’t hold up.

But you know what? This holds up. I mean, it’s all simplistic nonsense and yet, it’s more or less as believable as any action movie put out today.

Imagine it, 3.5 readers. A terrorist organization hellbent on conquering the world. A U.S. special forces team organized to fight them.

You know? I’m just going to say it. Kids are dumb. Cartoons today don’t have enough geopolitical intrigue and spy missions. That’s how kids got so stupid.

Watch it. Watch it now.

2 thoughts on “GI Joe Livestream

  1. ooh, is the movie available too? With Destro and the Mass Device and all that crazy stuff? My stepbrother had the VHS and I admit I watched the hell out of it when I was about 12, then gave it to a next door neighbor for his birthday when I got older because he totally got into it.

    I still remember most of the movie, but it was just fun to see.

    • The mass device episodes are up you can go to them directly. Cold slither is my favorite where they start a band. This inspired me to find it on tubi. When I was a kid I thought the series fell apart when they brought in all the Cobra La stuff. The fun came from imagining one day I might grow up to be an army dude that fights terrorists…not weird underground snake people.

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