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I got nothing for you today

I have failed you, 3.5 readers.


Does Mobility Compliance Increase Your Blog Traffic?

Wow, what a nerdy sounding question.

My theme is old and out of date, meaning if I ever change it, I can’t get it back.

Alas, I love it.  It makes my posts look like a comic book and that’s what I’m going for.

But, I would like to monetize this blog, but I just don’t think I get enough traffic at this time to bother with it.

So, just putting the feelers out there, have any of you ever switched to a mobile compatible theme and seen an uptick in your traffic?


Is There a Way to Back Up Your Blog?

Hey 3.5 readers.

Question.  Is there a way to back up this fine blog?

Most of the time, I type my stuff right into the web browser.  Easy, but then, what if, God forbid, WordPress goes out of business tomorrow?

That’s why I’m wondering if there’s a little button or app or something I can push that will give me a backup of all my posts?

The only other way I can think of is to a) cut and paste and save all old posts by hand and b) save posts as I write them.

Thoughts?  How do you backup your fine blogs?

More power loss in BQB HQ

Sorry 3.5 readers. I’d say don’t let this rattle your faith in this fine blog but did you have any to begin with?

Bookshelf Battle Cast Episode 003 – How to Start a Blog

Bookshelf Q. Battler is changing up the format of his podcast, and that’s ok, because only 3.5 people listen to this podcast anyway.  BQB wants to share with the world what he has learned in four years of being the owner and proprietor of, a site that coincidentally, is only ever viewed by 3.5 readers.

Picking a blogging idea, snappy title, company to work with, search engine optimization, attracting followers, promotion on social media, legal stuff like worrying about copyright, libel, where to get photos and art for your site and more.

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My Oscar Observations

Quickly, because I’m a busy nerd this morning:

#1 – I tuned in and out but in general I haven’t heard anything too controversial about the ceremony itself but I might be wrong.  Let me know if there was anything.  Generally speaking, all these wealthy, powerful people who could have drummed the sexual harassment out of the business decades ago but did nothing and now they’re all like “Hooray for #timesup and #metoo” is a little sickening.  Better late than never?  Maybe.  But they could have done better years ago.

#2 – Shape of Water winning gives me mixed feelings.  As a nerd, I think it’s great that a scifi movie won and I don’t think people realize this was sci-fi…and a bit of a dark comedy melded into a love story.  Take away the French music and it could have been a kooky episode of the X-Files.  This will be the year the gold went to a movie about a lady who fucks a fish.

#3 – Ugly actors are snubbed again.

#4 – Frances McDormand’s laugh will haunt my nightmares, though I know she meant well.

#5 – Three Billboards was the stronger film.  “You don’t get to do bad things to others just because something bad happened to you” is a message the world needs.

#6 – I admit, I have never seen “Call Me By Your Name” but just reading the plot makes me nauseous and no, not because it’s about gay love.  To each their own.  It’s ironic that in the year Hollywood is vowing to erase sexual harassment from the workplace, a movie about an older man who statutorily rapes his employer’s underage son is getting so much Oscar recognition.  I realize there are a lot of people who think this movie is great and is all for gay empowerment and that’s fine, but if that’s the case, then just make both characters of legal, consenting age.  Rape = sex without consent and minors, by law, do not have the mental capacity to give consent to sex because they are deemed incapable of understanding the consequences.  Thus, laws are on the books to dissuade older people from preying on the young.  If you are older, you are expected to know better and will go to jail if you don’t.

If you think I’m being a fuddy duddy, imagine the plot is tweaked.  An older male has sex with the underage daughter of his employer…you’d want whoever made that movie run out of Hollywood on a rail and their career ruined, right?  So, let’s just all agree that underage boys and girls need legal protection against older predators and movies shouldn’t be made that glorify older people who perv on the young.


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East Randomtown has lost power!

East Randomtown is facing disaster 3.5 readers. The power went out and this has led to all kinds of hullabaloo. The zombies have escaped from my zombie and research center which makes me rethink having a zombie research center.

Also my yeti holding tank is on the fritz. The yet will be on the loose soon.

I will be limited in my ability to post. I know it will be hard d but please learn to live without me.

Hello 3.5 readers

All posts can’t be winners

The Fourth Anniversary of this Fine Blog (And Why It’s Harder as My Alter Ego Approaches 40)

Hard to believe I began this blog four years ago, 3.5 readers.  Gotta be honest, I thought there’d be more than 3.5 of you by now.  All you extra readers sure are taking your sweet time.

As you are aware, I am BQB, an ageless, allegedly fictional character with an endless reserve of energy to fight bad guys and commit impressive acts of daring do.

Yet oddly, my ability to continue my adventures is inexplicably tied to a fat old fuck’s ability to find the time and/or will to sit his fat ass on the computer and type away.  I call this guy, “The Alleged Man” or the man who allegedly pretends to me, if you believe the absurd premise that I am allegedly fictional.

Alleged Man is getting tired.  Worn out.  Maybe he’ll come on here someday and tell you about it, but suffice to say, in his 20s, Alleged Man made some terrible mistakes, botched some opportunities, and overall fucked up his life.

Then, quite sadly, he spent his 30s trying to dig himself out of the hole he’d tossed himself into.

That’s the rub of digging yourself out of a hole.  You can’t dig up, so you have to just dig and dig and dig until you come out the other side in China.  Really, it’s better to just never jump into the hole but instead, side step it altogether.

But alas, when he was young the Alleged Man basically said, “Wow! What a spiffy looking hole!  In I go!”  and upon turning 30 he realized what he’d done and went to work on trying to fix it.

Alas, anyone will tell you that whether it’s a life or an appliance, it’s best to never break it in the first place.  You can fix a broken life or an appliance, but it will never be as strong.  It will always be stitched together with duct tape and you’ll always be sad when you think about how it used to be shiny and new and not broken.

This blog was an attempt to increase the hole digging in the hopes he’d break through to China sooner.  At times, it has brought him joy.  At other times, sadness.

Frankly, he wonders if he shouldn’t just put his shovel down and accept life in the hole.  When he was young, he thought there was unlimited time to achieve his dreams.  Now that he’s old, he realizes that we all seem to peak at 35 and if it hasn’t happened by then, it never will.

Alleged Man is 39 now.  He is fat and ugly.  He has no kids and that’s sad as he really wanted them.  He’s full of knowledge of where he went wrong and how he could redeem himself but alas, it’s hard because the world just sees over 35 people as old and washed up.

Perhaps you might have noticed the “loser seeking redemption” motif in the stories he helps me write:

  • Marshall Slade in “How the West Was Zombed” was too cowardly to fight the desperado who killed his mother and spends his life fighting every other bad guy.
  • Chief Cole Walker in “Toilet Gator” thinks he made a mistake by getting his leg chomped off by a vicious dog, going into a crack house to save the day only to realize being the hero has its negative results.  He’ll confront his past by fighting one last killer animal – the toilet gator.
  • Junjie in Zom Fu failed to save his master from Dragonhand and now works to defeat the vile brain biter.
  • Jake Dashing, private 1950s detective, feels out of place and wants to fit in, wants to find love and normalcy after a life of crap.
  • Mack in Zomcation failed his military unit and wants another chance to fight again.
  • Frank in Last Driver misses driving and wants to drive again.

In short, when we are young, we are called upon to make a slew of decisions we are too dumb to make, then we spend our older years full of regret, full of the knowledge of what we should do, but our hair is too gray for anyone to take us seriously.

So, I have to run.  AM is trying his best, but honestly, if this whole enterprise doesn’t take off in a year or two, he might just pitch a tent in the hole and grow accustomed to hole living.  Maybe the hole isn’t so bad.  Some people would love to have a hole.  It could always be worse.

Take care, 3.5