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I hope everyone had a good holiday!

For the New Year, I’ve been thinking it would be good to get some new headline banners for my blog.  The Army Men on my bookshelf was about the best I could do with my limited artistic ability.  Who knows a good artist that would be into such a thing?

Some ideas:

  • Two cartoon books with faces and boxing gloves slugging it out.  Silly?  Yes, but that’s what bookshelfbattle is all about.
  • Various tiny soldiers, warriors, monsters, aliens, robots, etc – fantasy fighters going to war on my bookshelf.  The artist could go nuts.  The armies could meet in traditional battle on my bookshelf or they could hide behind books, jump out from between the pages like ninjas, be like guerrilla warfare dudes.
  • Or any other fun ideas an artist could come up with.
  • I could probably use some logos too – i.e. that gravatar image or whatever you call it – the image that shows up when you comment, and something I could use as a Twitter profile image too.

I doubt I could afford a hefty bill, but I could probably work out some meager compensation and provide some attribution to said artist or artists.  Obviously, the final product would have to be provided to me in digital form, ready for me to just stick up on the site, or at the very least the artist would have to be able to work with me to make that happen.

If anyone knows anyone trustworthy and reliable like that or know of resources/sites  where such artists can be found, please let me know in the comments!

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