Undead Man’s Hand – Chapter 12


As she was being yanked cross country, Jane leaned up and fumbled with the whip, attempting to uncoil it from her feet. Her hide was being subjected to a vigorous scraping as rocks tore through her trousers and thereafter, her skin. The whip wasn’t budging.

She pulled out her six shooters, kissed them for good luck, then unleashed hell on the man that was dragging her. He tumbled out of his saddle, releasing the whip just before crashing face first in the ground, breaking his neck on impact.

Now that she was still, Jane was able to free herself from the whip. Finding it to be an interesting weapon, she coiled it up and attached it to her belt.

The dead bandit’s horse was just ahead. Jane, feeling the pain of every rock she’d been yanked over, stumbled towards the steed. She kicked the carcass of the man who whipped her for good measure, then climbed up in the saddle. A swift spur kick was all the horse needed to start running.

Up ahead, Charlie remained occupied with four bandits of his own. Jane caught up to them and veered off to the right. She shot one bandit in the shoulder, startling him just enough so that he lost his balance and fell out of his saddle. He would have been fine had Jane’s newly acquired horse not trampled him into the dirt.

Meanwhile, on the left hand side of the wagon, a pudgy man who was bald yet ironically, had grown the hair on the back and sides of his head long, pointed a shotgun at Charlie.

“Stop if you don’t want a face full of buckshot!” the bald man shouted through his rotten green teeth.

Jane, still on the right side, took a shot at the bandit she was pursuing, but only grazed his ear. She had heard the bald man’s directive.

“Don’t you fucking stop that wagon, Charlie!” Jane called out.

“Are you sure?!” Charlie hollered back with one eye on the road and the other on the shotgun. “He makes a convincing argument!”

With her guns pointed at her bandit, Jane pulled the trigger of her left gun. Click. The right gun. Click. She was out. She holstered her pistols and brought her horse along side the bandit.

“Fuck him!” Jane shouted. “I’ve got this!”

The bandit Jane was after looked to be in his thirties. Cocky. Too sure of himself.

Like a bullfrog getting ready to jump, Jane faced the bandit and squatted on the back of her horse.

“What are you up to, sweetheart?” the bandit asked. “Coming over to give me a kiss?”

Jane sprang from her horse, collided with the bandit, and knocked him off his horse. The two tumbled down on the ground and exchanged fists to one another’s faces.

Charlie continued to engage the bald man in negotiations.

“Sir,” Charlie said. “I’ve got a schedule to keep and if it’s all the same I’d prefer to keep going. Maybe we can talk later?”

The bald man cocked his shotgun.

“Right,” Charlie said as he pulled back on the reigns.

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