Undead Man’s Hand – Part 2 – Charlie’s Bodyguard


Charlie Utter is a rarity in the West.  He bathes and shaves early and often.  He doesn’t drink, smoke, or gamble.  He has a gun, but it’s only for show.

His focus is on earning a good living through honest work.  He’s the man behind Utter Freight, a delivery wagon he runs between Deadwood and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

When Charlie’s brother, Stephen, comes along for the ride, he quickly wonders what Charlie’s two partners contribute to the Enterprise.

Martha “Calamity Jane” Cannary quickly proves her worth against a gang of bandits who want Charlie’s money, wagon and uh, well, never mind.

As for legendary gunslinger James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickock, the service he provides to the business proves invaluable.

Chapter 11         Chapter 12         Chapter 13

Chapter 14

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