Will Suicide Squad Be Good?

Should we judge it by Batman vs. Superman, that horrible stink burger of a film, or will it break out and be awesome on its own?

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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7 thoughts on “Will Suicide Squad Be Good?

  1. Jason says:

    I think its going to be like Dawn of Justice. Some might like it, some will hate it. Since its getting negative reviews, Suicide Squad won’t get “critic success”, but might get “box office success”. I’m seeing it tomorrow, but I probably have to dial back my expectations for this movie.

  2. I say “I don’t give a shit.” Thank you.

    • I doubt your nerd credentials. 😛

      • snort. I have no nerd credentials. Never pretended I did. LOL

      • Well all my 3.5 readers are honorary nerds.

        I didn’t get to work on Undead Man’s Hand much this week.

        I wonder if I should stop and just work on getting the first book out but then as I write the second and start thinking about the third, issues arise that I need to address in the first.

        So maybe this is the right thing.

        For example, Blythe made a big deal about how vampires don’t souls so they don’t have emotions and so Slade should sell his soul so he shouldn’t have to deal with that.

        That works for one book but then the vamps are pretty much duds if they can’t be funny or interesting or have romance or care about other vampires or what have you.

        I may have to tweak that. Maybe they have emotions but the lack of a soul means they don’t care or don’t worry about right or wrong or whatever.

        And Blythe flew in the first one which seemed cool but going forward I wonder if it becomes a thing where why don’t they just fly away whenever they’re in a pickle.

        Also I need to learn about poker.

        Eh…maybe it will be worth it but at this rate…to write the drafts, rewrite, edit, learn all about how to get them self published…I don’t think I’ll get them out until 2018.

        Kind of makes me wonder if I should try to just whip out one quick and easy standalone but I do hate the idea of abandoning work in progress. Stubbornly not doing that has gotten me thus far, with one and one quarter drafts and a website read by 3.5 readers.

      • Welcome to the serial authors lament. LOL. These are issues everyone struggles with. It’s always a good idea to let your first book sit a little before you edit and overhaul. So why not work on another book during the time off? then you finish book 2, edit book one. write book three. edit book 2. etc

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