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Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression

Boy, Not Arnold Schwarzenegger sure did zing me good. I’d like to say I’m able to see my own ding dong now, but, well, I’d like to say a lot of things.

Bookshelf Battle

Hey 3.5 readers.

Will you please drop what you are doing and listen to “Not Arnold Schwarzenegger” make fun of me, my fat flabbiness, my lack of muscles and love of pizza and so on?

Hey by the way, “The Bookshelf Battle Cast” is on iTunes so, yeah, go listen, subscribe, vote, leave a review.

This little soundbite is short, and is hilarious so, check it out:

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February Already

Don’t you hate it when you’re already reeling at how fast 2018 went and all of a sudden 2019 is 1/12th over?

I also hate that there are so many dummies who still have their Christmas lights up.