Disco Werewolf – Chapter 25


One perk of taking Mrs. Weber’s photography class was access to the school’s darkroom.  Claudette spent her free period allowing the photos she had snapped of Boogiedown Barry hugging Disco Werewolf to develop in a tub full of chemicals.  She then carefully retrieved them and hanged them on a line to dry.

When she finally got a good look at the images, she was shocked by what she had seen.  Three photos, each one of the werewolf in question but Boogiedown Barry was not in any of them.  Instead, there was just a glint of light where he would have been.

“What the…”

The aspiring journalist’s mind raced.  Dust on the lens?  Refracted light from the disco ball?  The possibilities were endless, though she took it as a screwup on her part.  Gently, she placed the dried photos into a large manilla envelope and packed them into her backpack.

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