People Buying My Books on Purpose

Hey 3.5 readers.

Your old pal, BQB here.

I’ve noticed a trend the past couple of times I have put out free books. Last time, someone bought a book and this time around, someone bought three books.

What’s this mean? To me its a sign that someone read a free book, liked what they read, and were willing to part with some dough to read more.

Is it a lot? No. All comes down to like a buck or two. But its a sign of progress. Success in self-publishing really does seem to come down to putting out more content. Maybe next time I put out a free book, someone will buy 4 or 5 and so on.

Thus, I’ve been putting out my shorts – very quick short stories. They fluctuate between 10-20,000 words and I try to cap it off at 20. Most seem to be closer to 10,000. Easier to get out there, editing and formatting is easier and more affordable.

I do think ultimately I need to get some full length novels out there and they’ll come…eventually. Slow and steady wins the race as the turtle once famously proved.

Anyway, two of my books are FREE for the next day or two so grab your FREE copy. Thank you, 3.5 readers.

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2 thoughts on “People Buying My Books on Purpose

  1. Lee Hall says:

    This is good to hear. Folks need content and my best book marketing advice is to write more books

    • I’ve been trying for novels for years. They’re long and I tend to write longer than usual. Editing/formatting costs are so high I don’t really think I can swing it for something that long. Not saying it’s not worth it, just I can’t afford it.

      These are pretty short, and since it is a new story each time I don’t have to worry about keeping ongoing plots and storylines together.

      I would like to get some longer novels out there though. I might have to just proofread them again and again myself and just spring for a formatter.

      It’s been a learning process. I go back and forth because the time spent on a short story is time that could be spent on a longer novel. However, at least the short story is up there. The novels never seem to be ready.

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