This Fine Blog Has Been Sold

Dear 3.5 Readers,

It is my sad duty to inform you that I have sold this fine blog for seven million dollars to a Papua New Guinean guava juice manufacturing consortium. Actually, this is good news for me, but bad news for you as you will no longer be entertained by this fine blog…unless you found reading this fine blog to be a terrible, burdensome chore, in which case it is good news for you.

From now on, there will only be info about guava juice manufacturing on this exceptional blog. How the guavas are picked. How they are peeled and squeezed. How they are juiced. How delicious the juice is. Mmm. Yummy delicious guava juice.

Should you cry for me, Argentina, now that I will no longer be the proprietor of this fine blog? Yes, for a respectable mourning period. After that, be happy for me, knowing that I am now the proprietor of seven million Papau New Guinean kinas, which I am told is quite close to having seven million U.S. dollars if you apply the exchange rate, carry the one, divide by the denominator and…aw crap. Oh well, at least they sent me a free carafe of guava juice. Mmm boy! That’s good guava juice.


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