Movie Review – Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

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Anything is possible in the multiverse.

BQB here with a review of the MCU’s latest.

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, I thought Marvel had written themselves into a corner. Iron-Man is dead. Captain America old, etc, etc. But now that the MCU has fully head-on embraced multiverse theory as reality, anything is possible.

In short, Iron-Man can come back as Iron-Woman, Iron-Dog, Iron-Clown, Iron-Mime, Iron-Anyone or Anything or more likely, just another actor playing the Iron Dude. All theory on my part but I suspect this is where Marvel is going, so as the longtime actors of this franchise commit the cardinal Hollywood sin of growing old or gasp, demanding more money, Marvel can just yank a different version of the same hero from another dimension.

Also removes the necessity for reboots. We always hate reboots where our beloved story stops and restarts anew, right? The story can just continue forever and ever now.

Admittedly, that didn’t happen in this movie but I think that’s where the franchise is headed. And multiverse theory, in this movie, allowed for an awesome character to join in despite his movies never working (John Krakinski as Mr. Fantastic) or to bring a character owned by one studio to a movie made by another studio (Sir Patrick Steward stops by as Professor X despite dying in Logan because um, he’s probably Professor X from another universe.)

The plot? It is terribly confusing and convoluted, but as far as I can tell, multiverse traveler America Chavez (Xochitil Gomez) is protected by an alternate Dr. Strange when he is ganked by incoming monsters who want America for her mysterious multiverse traversing powers. In our world, she seeks out assistance from our Dr. Strange, who in turn asks for fellow magic wielder Wanda Maximoff for assistance. Alas, she double crosses our favorite sorcerer because she wants America’s power so she can travel to a world where her kids from Wandavision are alive so she can be their mom again. That’s the long and short of it and there’s a lot of special effects and magic fights and so on.

STATUS: Shelf-worthy. It wasn’t the best MCU movie and sadly, it’s the first MCU film that I waited until it was on streaming to see. A bit confusing. Also plotholes like how did America get her power? But fun and a sign of where the MCU is going. It does feel like we are in Marvel’s scraping the bottom of the barrel phase but if they handle this multiverse stuff well it’s possible that 100 years from now, this story could still be going on, just younger versions of our heroes being yanked from another dimension whenever our favorite actors age out. Don’t let your boss watch this movie lest he or she find a younger alternate version of you to replace you at work for less money.

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6 thoughts on “Movie Review – Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

  1. Chel Owens says:

    Ah, c’mon, BQB. I expected more cynicism from your review. More reference to a possible Toilet Gator since there was a Loki Gator in “Loki….”

    Mostly, I was surprised you didn’t comment on the angle they took the film -the definite horror feel of it.

    Or I just wanted you to validate my criticisms of what’s-her-name who is Strange’s love interest and has as much appeal and ability to look fanatically intelligent in this as in “Sherlock Holmes.” :/

    • You know my local theater didn’t survive the pandemic so I don’t go out to movies anywhere near as much as I used to, which makes me said. It was one of my favorite things to do.

      Sadly, this meant this was the first Marvel movie that I watched on streaming first and I watched it piecemeal i.e. I’ve got twenty minutes free to watch today, ok another 10 tomorrow, I think it took me like a week to watch it that way so I don’t think I noticed as much.

      I like Rachel McAdams. I submit that she has approachable beauty in that there are some women so hot I wouldn’t bother because I feel like if I stand next to them I look like a henchman troll in a Disney movie assigned to kidnap the princess. She is hot but seems like as long as you minded your manners she wouldn’t throw a drink in your face or mace you or anything. Actually she might because she is rich and famous but a regular woman who looks like her I mean, if that makes any sense.

      But what are your criticisms? I always found her quite hot.

      At any rate, I’m just waiting for my Toilet Gator money to roll in and all the women will come to me. Then I’ll have to cut them all checks like James Caan which is unfair because none of them wrote Toilet Gator.

      • Chel Owens says:

        It may not be coming, man. Just write it for your own amusement and make money with a startup. 🙂

        I think she strikes me as too dumb -like, a sort of Fat Amy dumb but without the intentional comedy. Scarlett Johansson or that super buff ex-Jedi now Jedi-hunter of “Obi-wan” strike me as more attractive and more intelligent actresses.

      • I actually thought she seemed smarter and had more going on whereas ScarJo just seems like she was built in a lab to become a professional hot chick.

        I didn’t get around to reviewing the rest of it but I didn’t get the whole thing in Obi Wan that she joined the Jedi hunting program and rose through the ranks and did all this just for a chance to stab Vader in the back because it seems like there were many chances before that.

        Also, the whole show throws that part in the first (or fourth) film where Vader tells Obi Wan when last I saw you, I was but a student now I am a master.

        I feel like all these shows are just drawn out fan fiction designed around little parts in the original movies.

      • Chel Owens says:

        😀 That’s exactly what they are. Avengers movies, too. I mean, did you see those “What If” Avengers shorts?

        These streaming times blend TV and film, full-length and series, canon and fan fiction.

      • Chel Owens says:

        And yeah… “Star Wars” is notoriously terrible at transitions to major character changes. Look at the scene where Anikan flips to join the dark side. Although, the Jedi hunter deciding to stab Vader didn’t bother me as much as how powerless she was in a fight. If Rey can suddenly kick Kylo’s butt then this awesome chick can at least chop off a finger. Right?

        We’ll have to compare which actresses we think pull off sexy and smart best. Or you could make a Top Ten list and I could argue with it.

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