Lee Marvin and Benedict Cumberbatch – Time Travel Twins?

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Your old pal, BQB here.

Every once in a blue moon, I check out that old classic, The Dirty Dozen. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a 1960s flick where the unorthodox yet results achieving Major Reisman is assigned by the top brass to take on the wildest of suicide missions, that being training and commanding a group of psycho degenerate criminally convicted ex-soldiers (yet technically still military property as they are serving time in military jail and sentenced for execution) on an absurdly dangerous mission to blow up the mother of all Nazi targets during WWII. If they survive, they’ll get a pardon and yadda, yadda, yadda.

I saw this years ago, but as I watched it again recently, I was like, “Holy shit. Did Benedict Cumberbatch travel back to the 1960s and assume the guise of Lee Marvin?” These two have similar faces, similar voices, the resemblance, speech, tone, all very similar.

Unfortunately, we live in an age where if you notice something, chances are others have too and sure enough, there are posts about the uncanny similarities.

You be the judge. Here’s a clip of the Lee-ster in action. Tell me you don’t see traces of our beloved modern-day Dr. Strange.

The movie itself is 3/4 a lot of fun whereas the last 1/4, well, I hate to give a spoiler but it’s action and explosions that were quite spectacular for its day plus, well, horror, as in Nazis at a party retreat are murdered with ruthless efficiency and like I get the irony of the inventors of ruthlessly efficient murder being murdered with ruthless efficiency but still, many of the casualties of war here are women who were just there to be Nazi arm candy and ok, serves them right for cavorting with Nazis but look all I’m saying is the way in which they are killed – i.e. locked in a tight space and knowing it’s coming and having to wait for it, all the screams and tortured cries, if you have a heart you’ll be like, yikes.

OK, I know they are Nazis. Could they have released the lady Nazis and put them in lady Nazi jail? I think most of them were there as prostitutes so like, do we even know for sure if they agreed with Nazi dogma? A working girl has to get her dough any way she can get it after all.

The first 3/4 we see many legendary actors at a young age. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Donald Sutherland any younger, or Charles Bronson. And while you probably only know Telly Savalas as good guy, tough cop Kojak, he plays a psycho rapist pervert who believes God has enlisted him to punish women and well, you can’t help but hope maybe he’ll be taken out along with the Nazis by the end.

Typical action movie tropes i.e. the brass berate Reisman for taking so many risks yet they are bureaucrats who sit on their butts all day and have no idea what it is like out in the field. Come to think of it, this movie probably invented a lot of the action movie tropes we see in action films today.

Sidenote 1: This movie is one of the last times Hollywood allowed a man with gray hair to be a kick-ass tough guy.

Sidenote 2: Throughout the film, whenever Reisman wants to get his soldiers’ attention, he blasts at their feet with a machine gun, which seems like it should totally violate several OSHA standards.

I lost track! Tell me if you think maybe Lee Marvin is Benedict’s secret grandfather or something.

Oh, if you need a Benedict clip for reference, not sure if this is the best one but I found this recent performance on SNL as one half of an experimental Chuck E Cheese band was pretty funny:

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7 thoughts on “Lee Marvin and Benedict Cumberbatch – Time Travel Twins?

  1. Chel Owens says:

    There are definite similarities. They’re likely third cousins or just a switched-at-birth story. 😀

    Speaking of harsh story lines, we watched “The Waltons;” the plot involved finding a little girl who was deaf and it turns out her mother dropped her off secret-like because her father forced her mother to take her to the community home because he thought she was retarded and he couldn’t stand living with a “throwback.”

    • My parents loved the Waltons and always had it on in the background well into old age. I developed an appreciation for it because like John Boy, when I was young I struggled between moving to the city to become a writer or sticking behind to be with family and pursuing a hum drum existence. Long story short, occasionally there’d be an episode where John Boy almost gives up writing for hum drum and I shout “Don’t do it, John Boy!”

      • Chel Owens says:

        😀 I keep yelling for him to go into programming.

      • Was programming even around in his time? When was it, like 1930?

        I was working entry level in writing when I left to do something practical and be close to family. Long story short, the practical thing didn’t work out and I’m pretty sure my family hates me. The multiple times they tell me they hate me is my first clue pa rum pum pum.

      • Chel Owens says:

        Writing just ain’t what it used to be.

    • There was something online that said they are some long crazy percentage of cousins.

      I also thought Little House on the Prairie had an ending that didn’t fit the series, i.e. they screw over the developer by blowing up the town. Went against that whole pioneers keeping their heads up in the face of adversity, turning the other cheek and so on

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