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Batman vs. Superman vs. My Bookshelf

Holy Crap 3.5 Readers.

I walk away from my magic bookshelf for 3.5 seconds and this happens:


Enough you two!  Settle your differences and get down to the important business of punching Lex Luthor in the face.

Is there a battle on your bookshelf?  Tweet the photographic evidence to @bookshelfbattle #bookshelfbattle and I might just share it with my 3.5 readers.

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Star Wars #Bookshelfbattles!

Hello 3.5 readers,

Mei Mei of has come through with some exciting Star Wars inspired bookshelf battles:

Here’s one of my favorites:


People, the tiny characters who live on my shelves are real, but you can pretend to be a magic bookshelf caretaker just like me by assembling your toys on your shelves and tweeting the photos to @bookshelfbattle #bookshelfbattles

Let the bookshelf battles rage on!

By the way, did anyone get any Force Friday toys?

  • Asked by someone other than me because you know, I’m an adult so I don’t care.  Whatevs.
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Bookshelf Battle Inspires #BookshelfBattles

The “Remembering Barbara Mertz” Blog, inspired by the never-ending wars waged on my magic bookshelf, shared a few pictures featuring “bookshelf battles” involving some of Barbara’s favorite characters.

Barbara was a prolific writer, whose pen names included Elizabeth Peters and Barbara Michaels.

For more info, check out Barbara’s wikipedia page.

If I have to pick my favorite, it’d be this one:


– Photo from the “Remembering Barbara Mertz Blog.”

Mighty Jabba visits Egypt.  I like it.  And that green pig guard guy (quick one of you Star Wars nerds tell me what those green pig guard guys are called!) looks like something heavy got dropped on him.

SPOILER ALERT – The “guy” with the brown breather mask at the top right is actually Princess Leia in disguise.  Shh.  Don’t tell anyone.

You can see the others through the link above.  There are some “bookshelf battles” inspired by Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, more Star Wars, etc.

Personally, I’ve always been freaked out by Peter Jackson’s interpretation of Gollum.  I left those movies thinking Gollum was going to attack me in my sleep and demand his precious.  But maybe that’s a sign of Jackson’s special effects prowess.

You might remember awhile back, Liam Kozma, another one of my 3.5 readers, tweeted this picture of the North and South battling over the Mason Dixon Line on his bookshelf:


So 3.5 readers, let me ask you this…

Can this become a thing?

Assemble your favorite toys on your bookshelves and tweet them to #bookshelfbattles and they’ll get retweeted and posted here.

If you don’t have twitter, just put the link in the comments on one of my posts.

What’s that Attorney Donnelly?  Oh right, obviously if your picture is naughty or salacious or something then yeah, it probably won’t meet this site’s stringent criteria etc etc.

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Check Out this Bookshelf Battle…

Bookshelf Battles.  They’re raging out of control.  BQB apparently isn’t the only one with a shelf full of tiny folk run amuck.

@bookshelfbattle follower Liam Kozma (@LKozma) submitted this photo of a Civil War battle for control of his bookshelf:

Is there anything interesting happening on your bookshelf?  Tweet the photographic evidence to @bookshelfbattle and you never know, it might end up here on this revered website for the viewing pleasure of 3.5 readers.

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