A Good Writer…

…writes a few lines per day?

True or false?

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20 thoughts on “A Good Writer…

  1. Desi Valentine says:

    I’m gonna say, ‘false.’ I’ve studied a bunch of writers, both formally and informally, and across multiple genres, and there doesn’t seem to be much of a common thread in terms of what kinds of habits make a writer good. Given that in order to be considered a writer each of those writers had to finish (and publish) what they started, I would say, ‘A good writer writes.’ Full stop. How much, how often and under what circumstances seems more about individual inclinations.

  2. Well… maybe sometimes you are stuck and you need to think about where you want to go… and then the next time you sit down to write it will flow again and you might write way more than only a few lines a day 😉

  3. Anita Lovett says:

    True for some. False for others. Write when the mood and passion collide – that’s my motto.

  4. Dave S. Koster says:

    Everyone takes a break, even if just for a day.

  5. A good writer hones their craft every day, but that needn’t mean writing every day, it could be devising ideas, plot lines, daydreaming, finding a new way to market themselves… it takes a combination of many things to be a good writer. Nice discussion point!

    • Sometimes putting away writing for a little while will allow you to get an “aha!” moment where you think of something to happen in your work that you previously had not thought of. On the other hand, to put it away too long means you might never come back to it. But yes, thinking, daydreaming, etc all that is important.

  6. helloimsoul says:

    Its a either/or. It really all depends on how often you usually write and your schedule. Plus if youre working on a book you might take breaks in between.

  7. Barbara says:

    Sometimes, I think it is true. Other time, I think false.
    I think a writer is a writer is a writer. A writer wakes and thinks of writing. A writer thinks on writing before bed. A writer keeps scraps of paper, whole digital documents of one liners, and has endless notes from conversations in their brain. A writer writes.
    A good writer, then, must be a person that finishes the writing, right? Maybe.
    I have no answer, because I am a writer and have no idea what makes one good or bad.

  8. Ben Y. Faroe says:

    Not sure. Speaking for myself, I’ve started thinking in terms of thousands of words per week or fortnight rather than any words per day. In the end (unless sleep cycles are relevant, which they might be), “daily” is arbitrary. May as well say a good writer writes a few lines every week or every hour. I’d rather say a good writer is one who writes consistently and keeps getting better.

    • Maya Angelou (look at me, what a name dropper) once said something like, she would get up everyday and if she had nothing better to write, then she’d just write nonsense like, “The cat sat on the mat with a rat” and then just by working with words, ideas would come.

      I don’t know. We all live in the real world and unfortunately “Daily” can’t always happen. I suppose this blog is my version of writing “the cat sat on the mat with a rat.”

      • Ben Y. Faroe says:

        On which note, 750words.com is worth checking out. I’ve found the medium mainly good for spewing morning nonsense, not writing actual story, but it can be refreshing and mysteriously useful to write a lot quickly without any particular goal in mind.

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