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Then There’s My Other Favorite Self-Publishing Podcast…

…The Creative Penn, starring Author Joanna Penn.  Lots of good information and advice.  Awesome British accent.


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George RR Martin Likes Football, Thrones Snubbed

George RR Martin, Almighty Creator of Westeros, likes football.  Want proof?  Check out his blog:



1)  Yes.  He still uses Livejournal.  Supposedly he also still writes his stuff on an old MS DOS Computer.

(Cue Bob Saget How I Met Your Mother Narrator) – Kids, there was a time before Windows when you had to type out instructions of what you wanted your computer to do before it did anything…

2)  Is it possible to like football and be a nerd?  Should I be worried he’s losing his nerd cred?

3)  Forget I asked that.  The man created an epic fantasy world and for Christ’s Sake, he wears a Fisherman’s Cap wherever he goes.  His nerdyness is beyond reproach or question.

4)  I did feel bad about this excerpt that George RR wrote:

As for the non-football contests, yes, of course, GAME OF THRONES lost another Golden Globe. This one to THE AFFAIR. Nothing unexpected there, and I am glad I saved myself some time and money and stayed home. Sad to say, I don’t think any fantasy will ever win a Golden Globe. The prejudice against genre shows runs too deep. I did think Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were great, however, and I liked Allan Cummings in his peach suit-shirt-tie ensemble.

I’ve never seen The Affair.  I assume it’s a decent enough show.  I have a bias for Game of Thrones because I think it should win everything.  And if you want affairs, that show has them every two seconds.  But it is sad that this author who’s an expert of the fantasy genre, obviously based on his vast knowledge and experience, concludes fantasy could never win an award due to bias.

Why isn’t Game of Thrones deserving of a Golden Globe?  How many shows have there been that are so epic and sweeping in scope, so complicated in terms of plot, and yet have been able to attract so many viewers, and rivet them to a story that features so many different complex characters?  GOT is the only show like that, that I can think of.

Again, nothing against The Affair, but I doubt it could possibly have a moment like GOT had last year, where I felt my heart literally sink when The Viper, er, uh, well let’s not give away a spoiler and just say he celebrated too soon.

Back to George RR liking football.  Here’s a question for everyone.  If NFL teams were Game of Thrones Houses, who would be who?

Here’s my lineup:


NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS/HOUSE LANNISTER – OK.  I’m going to lay it out for you.  Their owner is Bob Kraft.  Bitch, the man owns cheese.  Every time you put cheese on your taco the man gets a quarter.  Like Tywin, he can put lots of money toward getting the best players.

BALTIMORE RAVENS/HOUSE GREYJOY – The Greyjoys aka the “Iron Born.”  Those a-holes run around Westerns with their slogans of “We Do Not Sow” and “We Pay the Iron Price.”  In other words, they aren’t exactly law abiding citizens, and as seen last year, neither was their star player, Ray Rice.  Although, that might not be fair, as the NFL has been kind of mired as of late with one story after another with players on various teams being accused of wrongdoing.  (I could also insert the Oakland Raiders here, but the jokes write themselves).

You guys take it away and finish the list.  Because honestly, I’m a nerd and don’t know a whole helluvalot about football.  So God help me, I might be a bigger nerd than George RR Martin.  And that’s saying something.

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