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This Was Cool…

Not that I’d let it go to my head or anything, but this was cool:

These guys are good to their fans.

I recommend their stuff, just check out Amazon and you’ll find them.  I’ve yet to read The Beam but it looks like something Sci-Fi lovers would be into.  I do love a good robot story so I will have to check out Robot Proletariat.  I enjoyed Daniel Wilson’s Robopacalypse, and the sadly now canceled Almost Human on FOX, so anything with robots, I’m down.

I did read Johnny B. Truant’s Fat Vampire.  I went into it thinking, “Well, he’s probably just going to bust on fat people,” but it was actually a story with some heart that showed the struggles that “Reginald” goes through.

They also have a series called Unicorn Western, which is basically, just as the title says, a Western where cowboys ride Unicorns.  Cool idea.

I refer to them as “they” like they’re interchangeable, so I’m sorry, I don’t always remember which one did which book, or which of them worked together on which books, but in general, the three of them have some good self-published stuff out there, and I can’t say enough about Write Publish Repeat.

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Let’s Talk Sci-Fi – Video Phones

Hey Fellow Sci-Fi Nerds,

As I mentioned in a previous post about flying cars, I’m working on a sci-fi novel, building my world and keeping my fingers crossed.  I thought it would be fun to bring you in and discuss sci fi ideas, topics, technology, various ideas that will help me as I navigate the terrain.

Today, let’s talk video phones.  This isn’t a sci-fi stereotype that’s hypothetical.  Video phones are here!  They’ve been here awhile!

And sadly, they’re about as popular as a turd in the proverbial punchbowl.

As a kid, I remember watching Sci-Fi films and thinking, “What if someone gets a video phone call and they’re not wearing any pants?”

Thus, I proved to be a prophet as I grasped the issue early – no one is wearing any pants.

Seriously!  Be honest!  How many of you are wearing pants right now?!  Show of hands!  Be honest!

We have the power to call someone up and look straight at them, but we never use it.  Why?  Because people just want to sit around their homes sans pants and don’t feel like putting them on just to make a call.

Forget about pants.  Maybe people are too self-concious.  Maybe they don’t want someone looking at their face, seeing all their zits, being watched and judged for eating a bowl of ice cream whilst being on the phone.

Maybe it’s easier to call up and yell at the cable repairman for not coming between the window of 8 to 7 if you don’t have to stare at his face.

For whatever reason, video communication is here, and it is rarely being used.  I have no one who wants to talk to me by video, and I can’t blame people, because my face is hideous and would probably break their phones.

For me, the 1982 film Blade Runner comes to mind when it comes to this topic.  In that film, it is anticipated that in 2019, Harrison Ford will sit down at a video pay phone, where another woman takes a seat at her video phone booth, and they have a formal chat looking at one another through their screens.  In reality, the pay phone concept, video or otherwise, is long dead, and that woman would probably just want to talk on an audio call, because she’s at home, and probably pantsless.  Maybe not.  She was kind of classy.

So as the title of this post suggests, let’s talk Sci-Fi.  I guess it would be lame to have characters in a book using video phones.  No one uses them today and I doubt anyone will be more pro-pants wearing just to take a phone call in the future.

One thing I see in Sci-Fi flicks is holograms.  They look cool, but personally, if I’m not putting on pants to take calls, I’m not putting them on to be reproduced as a hologram.

I think far into the distant future, people will still be making audio calls only.  What do you think?

And even if I think that, should my characters use hologram communication because, what the hell, holograms are awesome?

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The site where artists give you several options to chose from when it comes to your self-published ebook cover.

Anyone out there use it?  Anyone want to discuss their experience with it?  If so, comment away!

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It Happens

Just read Stephen King’s It will be turned into a 2-part film by director Carey Fukunaga of True Detective fame.

There was an early 1990’s made for TV version.  I recall being scared crapless by it.  I’d probably laugh at it now.  It did star the late great John Ritter aka Jack Tripper.

Many of you recently noted under one of my posts that you rank this as one of your favorite novels.  What do you think.  Will Hollywood do It justice?

Ha, see what I did there?  I’m so witty…

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Let’s Talk Sci-Fi – Flying Cars

Attention Sci Fi Nerds of the World,

I’m working on a sci-fi book idea and it is a new experience for me.  So for the next week or so, I’m going to pop in to ask you, the sci-fi nerds of the world, to answer some questions.

Here’s my first one – the flying car – beloved Sci-Fi must-have or outdated trope?

My personal opinion – there are a lot of people, right now, who shouldn’t even be behind the wheel of a regular land car, do we really want them in the equivalent of a small, personal spacecraft?   People would literally drive into buildings every 2 seconds.  And if your mechanic doesn’t check everything, your car is going to drop out of the sky.

Plus, wouldn’t people crash their flying cars into each other constantly?  Is every flying car going to be equipped with some kind of satellite monitoring so they can detect when another car is near so there isn’t a crash?

On the other hand, hey, let’s be honest, they’re cool, and who knows?  Tech might evolve one day to the point where they’re feasible and even idiots can drive them with a minimal amount of damage.

My sci-fi world will most likely have flying cars.  As a potential reader, is that cool or infuriating?


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