Hatcher’s Next Case

“I really should be getting ten bucks a case.”

A teenage boy.  A crazy haired mad scientist.

And a car that travels through time when it’s driven at 88 miles per hour.

The three Back to the Future films entertained and delighted audiences but they never answered this burning question:

How the hell did those two know each other in the first place?

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A few solid citizens have already come to the aid of our noble detective.  Rest assured, he’s working diligently to answer your questions (when he’s sober).

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5 thoughts on “Hatcher’s Next Case

  1. Here’s one for ya, Hatcher!

    The mark’s name is Nedry. Dennis Nedry. He ticked off the wrong people (don’t mess with mega-corporations) and got eaten by a dinosaur. But that’s not your problem. What we want to know is why the idiot shut down ALL the security systems. If he programmed the whole system, why didn’t he just set it up so he could shut down specific systems, instead of letting every dinosaur in the park loose? I’d make a joke about buggy code, but he got eaten, didn’t he? Joke practically wrote itself.

    • BQB here. I’ll ask Attorney Donnelly to deliver that to our resident gumshoe ASAP.

      That’s funny, having “Jurassic World” fever, I re-watched the original this week and thought the same thing.

      At least he escaped that spitting dinosaur, moved to New York and became Jerry Seinfeld’s nemesis.

      • I’ll be waiting to hear her verdict!

        It’s an interesting question, right? I mean, he’s a programmer; they’re supposed to be methodical and take the most efficient route. Shutting down ALL the systems is just plain wasteful! I’m thinking there must be more to the story…

      • There was a storm too right? Did that have anything to do with it?

      • I think the storm was mostly scenery.

        Nedry shut down most of the systems to steal the DNA, depowering a lot of the electric fences. The raptor cages were still powered on, though, until the team rebooted the computers to counteract Nedry’s mess. That shut off the remaining power, allowing the raptors to get out.

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