Undead Man’s Hand – Part 1 – Bullock’s New Job



Four years before the West was zombed.

Rather than give in to the demands of an angry mob, Seth Bullock, Sheriff of Lewis and Clark County, Montana, hangs his prisoner right on the steps of his office, holding the mob off with a shot gun all the while.

What’s good for justice ends up being bad for his family’s well-being. He, wife Martha and daughter Maggie beat it out of town in the middle of the night.

Months later, they arrive in Deadwood, Dakota Territory, a lawless mining camp filled to the brim with cutthroats and criminals, outside the jurisdiction of the United States.

Bullock thought his lawman days were over, having opted to go into the hardware business with friend Sol Starr, a business deal that, while prudent, will take years to pay off.

Alas, when he’s offered a one year appointment as Deadwood’s Sheriff, he realizes this is his chance to move his family out of squalor.

Meanwhile, the town fathers are divided on the issue of Bullock’s appointment. Newsman A.W. Merrick thinks Bullock’s the man to bring law and order.  The Reverend Henry Weston Smith’s head is in the clouds, so he tends to vote however Merrick tells him to.

Doctor Valentine McGillicuddy thinks the idea is bad but won’t elaborate.

Mayor E.B. Farnum elaborates loudly, namely, that the true boss of the town, saloon keeper, pimp, and all-around criminal Al Swearengen will be none too pleased about the idea.

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Chapter 10

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