Daily Discussion With BQB – Star Trek

Happy Friday 3.5 Readers.

The new Star Trek movie is out today, so I’ll ask, what is your favorite Star Trek episode or movie?  The original, the Next Generation, all the other shows, movies, etc.

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9 thoughts on “Daily Discussion With BQB – Star Trek

  1. Mei-Mei says:

    Can you believe I’ve never seen the original series? I do love TNG though. So many great characters. And I’ve liked the reboot movies.

  2. I LOVE the reboots. I love the way they have changed it up. But there’s a lot to be said for the originals, series and movies. I used to watch them with my Dad. So they have nostalgia going for them. For about 4 years I lived in a house where we had our house meeting in the commercial breaks of Voyager. That was fun. Hated TNG and didn’t much like DS9 to be honest.

  3. hazzieandsof says:

    TNG is my favorite. My favorite episodes are a tie between “The Best of Both Worlds” and “Chain of Command”. I really do enjoy the episodes that add to Picard’s storyline. I give an honorable mention to “Conspiracy”.

  4. I like the original, mostly because of Leonard Nimoy, and the Next Generation. When I was going to school for my MBA, someone did a great presentation contrasting the management styles of Captains Kirk and Picard. Kirk always went to the planet and put himself in danger. Picard sent Riker and stayed on the ship drinking Earl Grey tea. I prefer Trek to Star Wars because it’s more cerebral and has better dialog. It also has a deeper message than just good vs. evil. Aren’t you glad you asked? I’m letting my nerd flag fly.

    • Picard was a tough sell as a studly leading man. He was a wise captain but he was bald, and the general public’s perception of bald people is that they should go hide in a corner somewhere until they stop being so difficult and grow some hair. Thus, Riker had to do all the swashbuckling and damsel in distress saving.

  5. sledpress says:

    Late to the party.

    Nothing compares with “By Inferno’s Light” in Deep Space 9, where Elim Garak sits at the death bed of Enabran Tain. Also, “I cannot defeat this Klingon; I can only kill him [Worf].” If I had the chops to write opera as I wish I did, this would be it.

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