More Offensive Halloween Costumes


3.5 readers it is important to remember this Halloween that your costume could offend anyone at any time.  Here are some more costumes to avoid and why they are offensive:

Transformer – Offensive to anyone who has ever wanted to make a big change in life.  Only wear if you have transformed into something else.

Butterfly – Offensive.  Assumes the caterpillar was never beautiful.  Why did you pick the butterfly over the caterpillar you looks obsessed prick?

Hamburger – Offensive to hungry people.  Also, cows.

Sexy Anything – Offensive to people who are sexy.

Chicken – offensive to poultry

Homer Simpson – Offensive to cartoon people

Ninja – Offensive to Japanese.  Also, ancient assassins.

Skeleton – Offensive to skinny people.  Also, skeletons.

The Mad Hatter – Offensive to the mentally unstable.  Also, professional hat makers.

Mobster – Offensive to Italians.  However, do not assume that all Italians are mobsters.  Just assume they will be offended.

Mad Scientist – Offensive to the insane and also scientists.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – Only wear if you are 1) a teenager 2) a mutant 3 a ninja and 4) a turtle.  I don’t care what your 14 year old son says.  Being a teenage without the other three boxes checked is not enough,.


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