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TV Review – Rick and Morty

Oh my God, Morty!  We have to review a show about Rick and Morty, Morty!  BURP!  The review has to be good, Morty!  The BQB Blog only has 3.5 readers, Morty!  What are we going to do, Morty?

Hey 3.5.  So after years of hearing about Rick and Morty, I finally checked it out and I am hooked.  I haven’t laughed so hard in so long.  That’s a good thing because I thought comedy had more or less died.

The first thing is this is a TV show on Adult Swim and is NOT for kids at all.  Surprising, for some reason I did think it was a kids’ show but I was wrong.  Lots of gratuitous sex talk, innuendo, situations and swears galore.

The gist is that Rick Sanchez is a Grandpa who, after disappearing for 20 years, returns to his family.  He is a mad scientist and in this show, the most intelligent being of all time, yet it’s hard to wrap your head around it because he is always burping and swearing and engaging in boorish behavior.  Confusing things is that Rick often uses his scientific know-how to travel a) through space b) through time and c) through time lines…meaning more than one version of himself pops up often.

Rick drags his nerdy grandson Morty along on his adventures and it really tears Morty up.  Morty just wants to be a regular kid and can’t deal with the stress of being his grandpa’s intergalactic time traveling helper.  Is this a metaphor about sometimes kids have to grow up too early and help their elders?  Maybe.

Anyway, it has given me a lot of laughs.  I recommend it, Morty.

Burp.  Time to end the review, Morty.  Because we have to, Morty.

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Daily Discussion with BQB – Girl Scouts can Join Boy Scouts

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.  Sooo…I’m all for equality but when I hear stories like this it drives me crazy.

Feminism, I always thought, wasn’t necessarily meant to turn women into men but to ensure women and men had the same opportunities.

At some point it became “women are better than men!” but then also…”Women are not equal until they BECOME men!”

I mean, if women are better than men, then why do women want to become men?  Make up your minds.

I get that the Boy Scouts are allowing girls to join Cub Scouts and Eagle Scouts, supposedly because Girl Scouts don’t cover those age ranges.  I don’t know if that’s true or not.  If you know about scouting please tell me.

At any rate, if that is true, couldn’t the Girl Scouts just increase their programs to include more stuff for girls in those age ranges?

For as long as I can remember there have been Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and if girls joining Boy Scouts is being celebrated then that basically means everyone is saying that girls aren’t happy unless they become boys.

James Bond must be a girl.  Thor must be a girl.  Boy Scouts must be girls.  Just be girls!  Stop trying to be men!  We are horrible!