Daily Discussion with BQB – Should There Be a Space Force?

As a nerd, I give a resounding yes.  The name is awesome and sounds like it comes from a sci-fi movie.  However, I think I can read Trump’s mind.  I think his idea is that thousands of years from now, contact will be made between humans and aliens.  If a U.S. Space Force is started, that will likely be the organization that contacts the aliens. Ergo, Trump wants to reserve a spot in the history books as the creator of the Space Force that eventually made contact with aliens.

My two cents on what he is up to anyway.  Either that, or he’ll push for a Mars expedition with the hope of building a structure that might get the name “Trump” slapped on it, which you might laugh at, but JFK’s support for the space program led to the creation of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

I don’t know.  Love or hate Trump, but I like this idea.  Sign me up for the Space Force.

Come to think of it, our POTUS does like pussy.  (What’s not to like?)  Maybe he is hoping the Space Force might be able to find and bring back some green space bitches with multiple pussies to grab.  Ugh, nice in theory but in reality, way too much work to please all that pussy.

I wouldn’t mind finding some space bitches with three titties though.  That’s just three times the fun.

In all seriousness, life surely exists in the vast reaches of space.  It would be amazing to make contact, though whether or not that contact would yield good or bad results for humanity remains to be seen.  Due to our curious natures, we’ll always keep trying to make that contact, even though the safe bet is to stick to our own corner of the galaxy, so we might as well keep on trying and see what happens.  Hopefully, whatever happens is a good thing.


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2 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Should There Be a Space Force?

  1. Eirini Renia says:

    Well, I will agree to an extend – I agree Trump’s idea might sound exciting and promising however it makes me furious that he uses that as an excuse to keep people’s minds occupied with this new ‘OMG’ idea while he can keep doing his dirty work under everybody’s noses – yet, he’s far from just a guy that wants discoveries to be labeled with his name – he’s just a hypocrite that voluntary turns a blind eye to all the actual problems while people are dying all around America. When you’re a president you gotta look after your people first before making allies with the aliens for God sake 😂 and by your people I mean everyone, regardless colour or ethnicity!
    So yes, that sounds like a great idea which could potentially take humanity and technology into a whole new different level but I personally believe that’s nothing but a propaganda!!
    PS. Leave all the multiple pussy and three tittie aliens alone 😂

    • Let’s not tank a good idea over disagreements with the man who had it. Getting deeper into space might unlock some scientific mysteries that would help everyone but the next hurled is getting to Mars which will need…a force!

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