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Daily Discussion with BQB – The Dancing Doctor

I read this story on CNN and I think I’m about to pack it in, 3.5 readers.

The desire for fame apparently knows no bounds.

If you didn’t click the link, I’ll try to summarize.  There’s an Atlanta surgeon and she had a YouTube channel where she sings, dances, and raps while cutting into patients, even having assistants join in.  You can see clips in the CNN story.  The vids have been taken down from her YouTube channel but you can still find some about the Internet.  I can’t be sure, but, to me anyway, it looks like she moved the scalpel to the beat in one video.  Again, I’m no expert so I don’t want to say that for sure.  I could be wrong but…well, I hope I’m wrong.  Scalpels should be moved, you know, according to medical rules and not to a funky beat.

If she’d done this on her own time…maybe out of the hospital, made a fun video where she raps and dances over a fake patient, it would be ok.  A fun self promo.

But…I mean, even if the patients can’t be identified…you just see stomachs and so on…if you go to a doctor to get surgery, you didn’t sign up to have your body parts shown online and how she didn’t realize the world is small and that wouldn’t eventually get back to someone who would complain.

I don’t know.  Social media has brought out our worst instincts.  Sometimes I’m a champion for social media.  It gives a voice to people who were previously voiceless.

But then I just wonder if the old way was better.  Become famous by, you know, actually doing something.  Otherwise, it’s just acting a fool for the camera.

I worry about that with this blog.  I have been thinking about shutting it all down lately.  I have beaten myself up for years for not becoming super rich and famous and successful, as if it were somehow easy and I didn’t pull that off a tree as if fame is low hanging fruit easily within reach.  But maybe I just did my best within the limits I have and the cards I was dealt and maybe my free time would be better spent walking in the park, or working on my health, taking a bike ride, getting a new hobby…

I have no idea.  I like to think my writing is somehow constructive…but I feel like a jackass, waving my hands along the information superhighway.  “Look at me!  Notice me!  Pay attention to me!”

I mean, it’s not as bad as this woman but perhaps this blog is just a form of doing jumping jacks to get noticed.

Stuff like this just leaves me depressed.  This woman is a doctor.  Probably paid well.  Obtained knowledge and a skill few can handle.  Probably could have written and/or made serious content about doctoring and just….no.  I’m sorry.  You shouldn’t go in for surgery and end up with your naked stomach on YouTube.

We need to invent time travel and get young Mark Zuckerberg laid so he never kicks off this social media mess.  Everyone was better off where they said, “Fuck it, I didn’t find fame by 25, so time to get serious about regular life.”

Ugh.  Seriously.  This depresses me.

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Movie Review – Breaking In (2018)

This is the best worst movie I’ve seen in awhile, 3.5 readers.  For more on that, you’re going to have to “break in” to this review.

Ha!  See what I did there?  Hilarious.

Gabrielle Union, who gave me a boner when I saw “Bad Boys II” oh so many years ago, is back and kicking ass as a fierce mama grizzly trying to save her kids from a crew of home invaders.

At a casual glance, the plot seems solid.  Nothing beats a mother’s love and mothers love their kids so much that they can gain all kinds of focus, strength and determination in order to rescue their babies.

The problem is that the script is full of plot holes and it really could have used a tune-up.

The crooks, led by Eddie (Billy Burke) are total incompetents who, despite there being four of them, broke into a house to steal the millions hidden inside (unknown to Gabby at first though, well, I won’t give too much away.)

After breaking in, they spend a way too large chunk of time debating and arguing with each other, where is the money, how will they find the money, how will they find the mom and the kids and it’s just like, holy shit, these crooks are the most incompetent bunch of thieves I have ever seen.  They make the “Sons of Anarchy” look like rocket scientists.

It’s a thriller and the Gabster flips the script on the ne’er-do-wells, hunting the hunted, performing all sorts of bad ass take downs along the way.

It’s a good premise that needed work.  Questions loom large.  I know many of these flicks come with a required “suspend disbelief” mindset, but mysteries/thrillers usually do require holes to be plugged (phrasing.)

On a more positive note, I try to be colorblind in all facets of my life, so perhaps its blase for me to point out issues of color here, but I’m doing so in what I hope is a positive way.  We need more movies like this.  I mean, with better plots but still, notice that the heroine is black.  The people in peril are a black family.  Mom is hardworking, nurturing mother.  Kids are typical – the boy crazy teenage girl always on her phone.  The bratty younger brother who lives to annoy his sister.

The bad guys are mostly white, with one stereotypical hispanic bad guy thrown in (covered in tats, accent, etc.)

But it’s not a racial story, or a black vs. white story.  It’s just a story of good versus evil, of a family going about their business only to be attacked by incompetent burglars.  Race doesn’t matter.  You root for the Mom to win.  You root for the kids to be safe.  You root for the baddies to pay.  Right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter the races of the parties involved.

Hollywood tends to make a lot of big budget feature films with black leads, but they are often historical in nature – i.e. stories about slavery, oppression, injustice.  All good ways of educating the public but sometimes black people need to take the lead in a good old fashioned popcorn movie.  At no point in this film is race ever discussed.  You go.  You chew your popcorn.  You watch Gabby defeat the bumbling crooks.  That’s about it.

I just feel Hollywood could repair some of the (self-inflicted) damage to its rep as of late by throwing a black actor/actress into popcorn movies like this one.

But then again, what do I know?  I only have a blog with 3.5 readers.

STATUS:  Shelf worthy, but only because it’s fun to make fun of how bad the plot is.  Seriously.  At one point, the crooks debate their plans so much you wonder if they are going to break at podiums and form a model UN.  But bonus points that Christa Miller, aka Drew Carey’s love interest on the “Drew Carey Show” which you have never heard of unless you’re 1,000 years old like me.  Gabby is still a source of boner inspiration, so maybe this will be her comeback.