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Movie Review – Father of the Year (2018)

I’m going to make this a short review.

I generally avoid Adam Sandler and Co’s movies lately.  They’re all usually straight to streaming on Netflix and they remind me of a brand of humor that was edgy in my youth, but seems, for some reason, like it doesn’t work today.  I hate to see former SNL faves getting older.

I put this one on just for something to watch in the background while I did some housework and ended up laughing a lot.  Maybe Happy Madison’s still got it after all.

Childhood best friends turned college graduates Ben and Larry (they are too young and irrelevant for me to learn their actor names) come home for one last summer in their New Hampshire home town before they head off into the real world.

Blah, blah, blah, shenanigans ensue, a bet is made that Ben’s dad (David Spade) could totally beat up Larry’s dad (Nat Faxon.)

Various attempts at a fight ensue.  Hijinx galore.  Ultimately, the main idea seems to be to stop trying to control your life because no matter what you do, your fate will be out of your control.  Ben’s dad is a total loser but is blissfully oblivious to his scumbaggery.  Larry’s dad tries to do everything right but is bossed around shamelessly by his wife and young stepson.

I don’t know.  Lots of gross out humor.  It’s funny.  Watch it. End of review.

STATUS: Shelf-worthy.

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