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Daily Discussion with BQB – Buffy Reboot

Well, that sucks.  Pun intended.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” a show that won the hearts of 1990s teens, is being rebooted.

This stinks because if ever there was a show that was built to be continued instead of rebooted, it was Buffy.

SPOILER ALERT (You had 15 years to watch the series finale)  – The whole gist of Buffy was that it is hard to be a hero.  Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) had a hard time juggling work, school, family, and being Generation X’s vampire slayer, destined to fight the vamps and/or other demons pouring out of a Hellmouth underneath her home town, Sunnydale.

The series ends with Buffy getting a wish – no longer will each generation only have one slayer but there will be many slayers.  Buffy recruits like, hundreds of slayers to take one a big baddie in a finale battle royale, and she is able to rest easier knowing her burden is shared instead of being solely on her head.

So 1) each generation has 1 slayer so we could have a new millenial slayer or 2, there can be more slayers now.

I don’t get why they didn’t make a new show called “Kate the Vampire Slayer” and then maybe Sarah Michelle could advise the new slayer.  Maybe Buffy could become the new slayer’s watcher.

I’ll give it a chance but I don’t get reboots.  Every 10 years we’re just going to rehash the same story.