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Brief, No Spoiler Review – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Hey 3.5 readers.

B to the Q to the B here.

I’ll give you all a chance to see it but I’ll say at front, I liked this movie a lot, which surprised me because I went in fully with the mindset that I was going to hate the ever loving butt crap out of it.

I just thought the Last Jedi sucked big donkey butt, and by extension, the Force Awakens too.  My impression of Force Awakens was it was ok but all it did was ask questions, and at the time I thought, well, if the next movie answers these questions then it will pay off but instead, all Last Jedi did was fart in our faces on every answer.

Good as this movie was, it reeks of the writing work of that kid you knew in college…we all knew one, right?  You know, the one who would dick around all semester, screw around and get F’s on every assignment and then at the last minute, grab a six pack of energy drinks and pull on all nighter so as to get an A on the final paper, thus bringing his overall course grade to a gentlemen’s C?

That’s the irony here.  As a series, I’d give the latest trilogy an overall C, but I’d give the last movie an A.

This movie seems like the writers were having a come to Jesus (come to Yoda?) moment and decided to stop jerking us all around.  Stop asking questions only to fart in our faces when we seek answers.  We will eventually stop seeking answers if all we get are farts, just as Charlie Brown will, we hope, one day stop trying to kick Lucy’s football when he realizes that she’s going to pull it away.

That’s how this film felt.  It felt like Lucy finally let us, as Charlie, kick the football.

Overall, a fun ride and when you go in waiting to take a dump on it only to be pleasantly surprised, it’s a relief.

The sad part is they had it in them to do great all along, so one wonders why they didn’t do it with the first two but, oh well.  This movie keeps the franchise alive.

STATUS: Shelf-worthy.

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