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When Doordash Delivers Your Order to the Wrong House

Hey 3.5 readers.

Doordash. It’s good because you can get food from your favorite restaurant brought to you even if that restaurant doesn’t have their own delivery driver.

It’s bad because you probably didn’t need that food anyway, fatty.

It depresses me when I get the buzz on my phone, indicating that the order has arrived, only to get a photo of my food sitting on someone else’s doorstep.

This has happened to me a few times and I always wonder what happens next. Does the homeowner open their door, surprised at the sight of free, unordered food? Do they eat it? Do they realize what happened, that they received a free order by mistake? Do they want it if it isn’t the type of food they ordered? Do they think it’s a prank?

Maybe they don’t even see it till the next day when they walk out in the morning and find a day old bag of food on their doorstep.

I don’t know. First world problems. Am I right?

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I Have Written 3,805 Posts On this Fine Blog

And I did it in 6 years, 3.5 readers.

Can you believe it? It took me 3,805 posts in 6 years to gain the attention of 3.5 readers. If I give it another 6 years and another 3,805 posts, I might get another 3.5 readers for a total of 7 readers. That’s a lot of readers.