BQB Watches Seinfeld – Season 3, Episode 6 – The Parking Garage

What’s the deal with blogs that are only read by 3.5 readers? You’d think a blog would have 3 readers or 4 readers but how do you get .5 of a reader? It makes no sense!

BQB here with yet another Seinfeld review. I’m down the rabbit hole now and I’m going to watch them all, sadly.

I’d say this one is up there with The Chinese Restaurant episode as one of the series’ funniest/most memorable. While other sitcoms gave you special episodes and heartwarming lessons, one Mr. Jerome Seinfeld and his BFF Larry David dared to give us a comedy about nothing and yet, in the way it lampooned the ridiculous little absurdities of life, it gave us anything.

Sidenote – if you youngsters ever want to know what the world was like before everyone started carrying cellphones, this episode is your window.

The premise? Jerry and Friends take a Saturday afternoon drive to a mall in Jersey to help Kramer buy an air conditioner. Whilst there, Elaine picks out two goldfish to bring home in a plastic, watery bag. Alas, the crew can’t remember where they parked their car and go on an endless quest in search of it. Time is of the essence as Kramer can’t carry this big appliance forever, George is due to go out to dinner with his parents and if he’s a second late they’ll make his life a living hell, Elaine’s fish are going to be goners if they don’t get into a fresh water bowl STAT and damn it, Jerry has to pee!

Hard to believe we once lived in a world without instant communication. The group makes the mistake of splitting up in the hope of covering more ground. Today, you can do that and just keep in touch with your phones. Back then? Bad idea. Someone finds the car but now where the heck is everyone else? Do I leave and search for them? What if I can’t find the car again? Today you can just call everyone else and tell them where to go. Back then, not so much. Honestly, if you got separated from your group back then, the best thing you can do after searching for a while is just go home and hope they go home too and call you later.

I have also suffered the pain of getting lost in a parking garage, unable to remember where I parked. Today, I always take a photo of the level number, the space number, whatever identifying clues will help me get back there.

Another purgatory type episode that Seinfeld loved to do. Is it a metaphor for life? How long must we endure this misery before we can get where we need to be?

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