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Mary Did You Know? (Special Mansplaining Edition)

:::sung to the tune of the original Mary Did You Know?:::

Mary did you know, that your baby, would one day walk on water?

You probably didn’t know, until I mansplained it to you, because you’re not a son, you are a daughter.

Women do not understand things, until men tell them how to do it.

So, come along Mary, and I’ll be glad to talk you through it.

Mary, did you know, your baby boy is the Lord of All Creation?

Mary did you know, your baby boy, is the King of All the Nations?

No, you did not know, until a man like me, exercised his powers of persuasion.

So, sit back Mary and be educated by my man-spla-nation.

Mary did you know, your baby boy, absolved mankind of all its sins?

Mary did you know? Of course, you didn’t. I’ve got the Y chromosome so I already win.

Mary did you know? The obvious fact, that you’re pregnant with the Son of God?

OK Mary please, just smile and nod. Placate me so I don’t feel like a fraud.

Mary did you know? Of course, you didn’t. Without men, women don’t know a thing.

So, gather around and together we will sing…Mary did you know?

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BQB Watches Seinfeld – The Voice – Season 9 – Episode 2


BQB here with yet another review of a Seinfeld episode.

I’ve been binge watching the crap out of this and it’s amazing how it transports me back to the 1990s, a happier, simpler time when I was full of hope and being the proprietor of a blog with 3.5 readers wasn’t my greatest achievement.

It’s also funny how I forgot all these pop culturisms and things my friends and I used to say all the time. “HELLLO! LA LA LA!” was a way we’d great each other, thanks to this show.

Anyway, according to Jerry, his latest girlfriend’s belly button looks like a mouth, so much so that he imagines it as the mouth of a jovial, baritoned man, shouting, “HELLLLLO! LA LA LA!” and so forth.

Jerry and friends love the voice so much but like most jokes, it gets tired and overplayed. The J-Man faces a moral conundrum having to choose between a woman and a joke. SPOILER ALERT: He picks the girl, but only because the joke isn’t funny anymore, but alas, when he has to use the voice to save her from the certain doom of Kramer’s oil filled ball drop test (trying to see if rubber can hold oil under high impact to prevent oil tanker crashes), the voice is too played out to make a difference.

Is there a lesson here? Maybe it’s that sometimes, all you need to bring people together is a good joke, but sometimes that same joke can also tear people apart.

In conclusion…HELLO! LA LA LA!

SIDENOTE: It’s funny how Season 9, the last season, has so many iconic, long memorable episodes. So many shows become stupid and forgettable in their final seasons, having burnt out so much steam. Seinfeld really did go out on top, which I suppose is what Jerry always wanted.

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