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Mary Did You Know? (Special Mansplaining Edition)

:::sung to the tune of the original Mary Did You Know?:::

Mary did you know, that your baby, would one day walk on water?

You probably didn’t know, until I mansplained it to you, because you’re not a son, you are a daughter.

Women do not understand things, until men tell them how to do it.

So, come along Mary, and I’ll be glad to talk you through it.

Mary, did you know, your baby boy is the Lord of All Creation?

Mary did you know, your baby boy, is the King of All the Nations?

No, you did not know, until a man like me, exercised his powers of persuasion.

So, sit back Mary and be educated by my man-spla-nation.

Mary did you know, your baby boy, absolved mankind of all its sins?

Mary did you know? Of course, you didn’t. I’ve got the Y chromosome so I already win.

Mary did you know? The obvious fact, that you’re pregnant with the Son of God?

OK Mary please, just smile and nod. Placate me so I don’t feel like a fraud.

Mary did you know? Of course, you didn’t. Without men, women don’t know a thing.

So, gather around and together we will sing…Mary did you know?

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Merry Christmas 3.5 Readers!


Bookshelf Q. Battler and Video Game Rack Fighter, East Randomtown’s Nerdiest Power Couple Wishing You a Merry Christmas!

Dearest 3.5 Readers,

A quick note to say thank you, for you, my darling 3.5 readers, are the wind beneath my wings, the hot fudge on my sundae, the dip on my chips and the reason I keep writing.

As I reach the home stretch of the One Post a Day for a Year Challenge, I realize I’ve learned a lot about blogging, self-publishing, social media, building a fan base and so on.

What I’ve noticed is that unlike other activities, blogging…very slowly but surely…does yield results. did better in 2015 than it did in 2014 and here’s hoping things just keep improving with every passing year.

Tell your friends so I can have 7 readers in 2016 and 14 readers in 2017.  Let’s double everything every year!

It hasn’t been an easy year, what with attacks from the Yeti, Dr. Hugo Von Science choosing a dark path and the zombie apocalypse that decimated my hometown but amidst it all, you fine 3.5 readers have been there for me.

Thank you 3.5 readers.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Whatever Holidays You Celebrate.

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