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Community Table Read

Hey 3.5 readers.

Remember Community? Such a funny show.

Late 2000s/early 2010s, Big Bang Theory and Community vied to be the big nerd shows that celebrate nerdery. Big Bang was formulaic while Community was edgier.

I enjoyed it and can’t believe how time has passed since. Anyway, the cast got together for a YouTube table read of the episode Cooperative Polygraphy.

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Community Lives On

EDIT:  I wrote this awhile ago and for whatever reason, never got around to posting it.  Community’s return to Yahoo is old news now but what the hell, let’s talk about it anyway.

I’m sure I can blame this on The Yeti somehow.

It’s the show by Geeks, for Geeks with so much Geek support that it refuses to die.  And now it belongs to the Geekterverse.

Community’s Sixth Season is now available on Yahoo Screen, after five seasons on NBC.  

Since its inception, the show has always had an uphill battle.  If you’re a geek, nerd, dweeb, poindexter or an all around pop culture junkie, then this show is your bag.  On the other hand, if you’re a square like most of America, most of the jokes probably fly right over your head.

With online displays of support, Internet nerds the world over managed to keep NBC from tanking it for years.  In fact, this show has always been a pioneer of the streaming age with droves of fans who didn’t watch in its usual time slot but caught it later on their own terms.

And now it belongs to the web.

The show has suffered some losses in recent years.  Chevy Chase/Pierce Hawthorne to a falling out with show runner Dan Harmon, Donald Glover/Troy to “to be on his own” and according to a letter to his fans, not to focus on his rap career as “Childish Gambino,” and now Yvette Brown/Shirley to take care of her Dad (awww).

With so many exits to the core group, the show isn’t quite the same, though the Season 6 premiere “Ladders” is as nerd-tastic as ever.  Still, I hope no one else leaves.  If Joel McHale/Jeff Winger takes a hike, that will probably be it.

The plot, for those who’ve never seen it?  Community College attendees tend to run a wide gamut – the elderly looking for something to do (Pierce), the lawyer who faked a Bachelor’s and now needs to actually get one (Jeff), the single mom (Shirley), the dumb guy (Troy), the guy who is convinced he’s living in a television show (Abed), the classic overachiever (Annie), and the girl who’s always feeling the need to protest something (Britta).

As a show about college, it was destined to have a short shelf life from the start (after all, college only lasts four years).  Yet, last year in season 5, there was a pretty adept “reboot” in which Jeff and the gang decide their lives are no better than when they first started college.  Jeff stays on as a professor while the rest of the group decides to keep studying.  If it is one thing this show is good at, it is reinventing itself.

“Shows change,” as is pointed out in an exchange between Abed and newcomer Frankie Dart (Paget Brewster).  She’s hired by Dean Pelton to whip the school into shape, but as the group laments, Greendale’s lousiness is what makes it so charming.

Good luck on the web, Community.  Your legion of nerds is behind you, but you’re going to have to come up with a helluva story to keep the gang at college past year 8 (and knowing you people, you probably will easily).

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