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Daily Discussion with BQB – Should Oprah Run for President? (Howard Stern Says No)

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.

I was listening to Howard Stern today (he actually came into work) and he had an interesting take on all the talk about President Oprah.

He said (and I remember this) years ago, he ran for Governor of New York as a goof.  He didn’t want the job and just did it as a promotion, to get his name out there and get some free press.  He didn’t think anyone would take him seriously so got scared when he actually ranked high in the polls.  Political consultants began getting in touch with him, sure he had a good shot at winning.

He backed out of it because he felt he would not do a good job.  He’s a funny radio guy and while he enjoys that and he has been successful as an entertainer, he did not believe he could handle the job of being governor – the tough decisions, the turmoil, the scrutiny, the studying, the non-stop nature of the job, 24/7 and weekends.  Ultimately, people rely on the Governor and he didn’t think he could deliver.

He thought maybe he might have won and who knows, perhaps from there he might have had a shot at the presidency but he didn’t want it.  He did not believe he would do a good job and so bowed out so an actual politician could win.

He likened his situation to Oprah and said that as a celebrity, especially one that came from humble beginnings without much money (as he and Oprah did) it is tempting to want everything, to take every offered opportunity, to do every TV show, movie, book, business venture, everything because no matter how big you get, you fear it might all go away and so it’s easy to see the presidency as the ultimate plaything, to increase your fame and status…but ultimately, you have to think not of yourself but of the country.

I think he has a good point and I’m wondering if we aren’t going down a path where perhaps there should be a mandate that to win the presidency you must hold some kind of prior office first?  Reagan was an actor, but he did go on to run a union and serve as governor of California.  He did his homework and got his government training.

I mean…when we hear of President the Rock….come on.  I don’t care how loved of a celebrity you are, the second you run for office, half the country will hate you.  Why not stay a celebrity and be loved by all?

On the other hand, TV has really screwed politics up, for years now.  Gone are the days when character, knowledge and experience matter.  How photogenic are you?  What’s your social media following like?

Howard said we need a modern day Winston Churchill but I have news for him – Winston could not win office today.  “Who’s that chubby little bald man with froggy voice?  Get him off the stage and put a squared jawed, perfect haired dummy in his place!”

In other words, politics and entertainment are hand in hand now, such that you can’t be an actor if you aren’t a hottie and let’s face it, you can’t be a politician unless you’ve got that super star quality either.



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Howard Stern, Podcasting, and If You Want to Do Something, Do It!

Bookshelf Q. Battler here.  Bookshelf Q. Battle Dog brought me the Yeti’s Commodore 64, which will allow me a few minutes to post before the Siberian Yeti wakes up from a power nap.  I will have to hook up said 1980’s computer to a gas generator just to get it to work hard enough to power a wordpress blog post.

I was listening to Howard Stern this morning.  I like him.  You might not, but that’s not really the point here.

I’m afraid I came into the conversation late but basically, Howard said something to the effect that podcasts weren’t going to get an aspiring broadcaster anywhere, and if you really want to broadcast, then you need to do the legwork necessary to get a job in broadcasting.  A comedian with a podcast trashed Howard for not being with it, tech savvy, or however you want to put it.

Howard added the example of how ludicrous it would be for a comedian to only put out a podcast of his comedy from his house rather than try his luck at a comedy club.

Honestly, that seems like sound advice.  I’m not trying to become a broadcaster.  I am attempting to build a platform in the hopes that one day I’ll be able to promote my writing to followers.  Sometimes I feel like I’m putting the cart before the horse.  It’s like I’m trying to get readers before I have a book for them to read.

I would split the difference between Howard and the comedian (whose name I did not catch) and say a) yes if you want to be a broadcaster, there is no substitute for a job in broadcasting and b) but while you are waiting for that big break to come along, I would think a well designed podcast with a lot of work behind it could only strengthen an aspiring broadcaster’s chances of landing that dream gig in radio or TV.

In other words, don’t stop seeking out that big broadcasting job, but while you are waiting for it, take advantage of podcasting to strengthen your skills.  Don’t sit there and think your podcast will one day take you to the bank, so you need not apply to radio stations.  However, while you’re waiting for radio stations to get back to you, don’t sit at home twiddling your thumbs.

Here on wordpress, we’re bloggers.  We all have varying interests, but in the end, it is safe to say that many of us hope our blogs will result in a profitable writing career.  (It is ok to admit that, really!)

Is blogging a substitute for a paid writer gig?  Probably not.  In my case, as a hopeful fiction writer, all I can really do is try to whip up some interest while I wait for my lazy self to push that book out.

But, to apply Howard’s advice to my situation, he’s right.  A blog isn’t a substitute for a book.

What say you, 3.5 readers?  (By the way, I had a laughing fit when Howard said that the comedian in question probably only has 3 listeners.  Sounds like me and my blog.)

Or is it the Yeti’s blog?  Alas, I hear the Yeti stirring, so I best cover up the Commodore 64 and return to watching Olga cook her stews.  What stew will she cook next?

By the way, if you haven’t followed me on twitter yet, please do.  4000 followers will send the Yeti packing.  And don’t forget to submit your questions to Alien Jones.  He fears no Yetis.

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