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10 More Posts Until My 3,500th Post

Actually, after this one, only 9.

And then I will have written 3,500 posts for 3.5 readers.

Should I do anything special for my 3,500th post?

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This is my 15ooth Post

This one. Right here. 1500 posts in two years and three months.

1500 rantings about nonsense.


I wish I had planned something better for it but I just noticed I was at 1,499 and decided to make it an even 1500.

I’ll have to plan a party for my 2000th post.

Blogging has been quite a trip.  Often, I feel like it isn’t worth it.  That I write so much and there’s so little response.

But then I see progress.  All those followers and clicks add up.  I’ve seen more progress add up in this than anything else I’ve done.

Anyway, thanks 3.5 readers.  I’ll keep writing as long as at least 3.5 of you keep showing up.

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