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Movie Review – The Mountain Between Us (2017)

Love in the time of plane crashes.

BQB here with a review of the sappy love fest, “The Mountain Between Us.”

Two strangers, a photojournalist (Kate Winslet) and a surgeon (Idris Elba), share a plane ride only to end up stranded in a frozen wasteland when their plane crashes.

Lost, cold, and with only a dog to keep them company, the duo set out to seek civilization, only to squabble before they find love.  Alas, it’s forbidden love.  Both have ongoing issues that prevent a relationship between them and yet the stress urges them to seek solace in one another’s naughty parts.  Will they?  Won’t they?  Will they freeze to death before they get to bang?  What if they bang and then freeze together and get stuck like that?

A bit clichéd and predictable, this is an Oscar lite production that allows Winslet and Elba to exercise their acting muscles while exploring the age old question of what to do when love breaks out in the most inconvenient, unexpected of times.

Two great actors but the writing is a tad blah.  There’s clearly an attempt to go full blown dramatic.  Every five seconds there’s a new, “Oh my God they’re suffering so much please don’t let it get any worse for them but….OH MY GOD! It got so much worse!!!”

STATUS:  Shelf-worthy.  The dog is the best actor in the film.

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